This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Strategic Hunter

Last night I played Tikah, my Night Elf Hunter, for a while. I manged to ding 15. Yeah me!

At one point on Ventrillo I mentioned to my guildmates that my pet (Cat named Cricket) was having trouble holding aggro. Right towards the end of the fight, just before the critter died, it would notice me and stop hitting Cricket and turn and start towards me. Then die.

My guildmates asked what I was doing to aggro the critter. I explained that I’d mark the critter, then set my cat to attack. Then I’d hit it (in order) with Concussive Shot, Serpent’s Sting, Arcane Shot. Then I’d hit each of the three shots again when they hit the end of their cooldown.

One guild mate insisted that I was needlessly burning through mana and that instead I should hit Serpent’s Sting to turn on autoshot, then “get up and go get a bowl of cereal”. He stated a couple of times that I should be conserving mana.

My question is: Why? What do I, a hunter, need to do that I need to conserve my mana? Yeah, I need it to mend my pet.. but I can still throw a couple of other shots in there without “burning through mana” and still have enough mana to mend my pet. Why save it if I’m not going to use it?

Beyond that, what should I be doing? Honestly hitting two buttons (mark/attack, then serpent’s sting) and then sitting back seems kinda boring.

Tikah’s Role:
At this time, as a lowbie toon, Tikah’s role is to solo everywhere and not die. So I need my pet to run out there, get aggro, keep aggro, as I shoot the critter from as far away as possible. So I guess I need to focus on items/talents that improve my damage with ranged shots and my ability to heal Cricket from range.

If I’m in a group I assume my role would be to have my pet aggro critters not handled by the main tank.. and to kill them/keep them distracted from the rest of the group. Again, items/talents that improve my damage with ranged shots and my ability to heal Cricket from range are critical.

World of Warcraft OGaming – Hunter Strategy

This manual suggests that you set your pet on the critter, Serpent Sting, then arcane shot. Then Arcane shot as it becomes available. If the fight lasts a long time, then renew Serpent’s Sting.

Sounds a little boring. Maybe it’ll get better when I can set traps.

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