This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

“I’m too sexy.. for my guild tabard”

Bawk Bawk, my Blood Elf Guild, had a little bit of a bumpy second guild night. I’m untutored in the ways of guild nights.. and although I mapped out the start/end and mobs for each of our quests, I neglected to form a list of which quests should be tackled in which order. This lead to a bit of hand-waving on my part.. which the guild accomodated by wandering off into Silvermoon City for training/shopping/mail and other random-ness.

After the first 30 mins or so it got better. Finally we all met at the bats in front of the city and set off to solve the last of our quests in Eversong Woods.

At the end the night we were all done with Eversong quests, moving on to the GhostLands. We’re all hovering in the 13-14 range. I set the guild cap at 15 (which in retrospect I think is too high. Ah well.).

The current plan is that everyone will complete class/profession specific quests outside of guild night.. and that they will craft everything they need to craft for our next session so we can just hit the ground running.

For my part, I’ll probably spend at least one night this week mapping out the guild quests and planning an order-of-events so we can have a less bumpy guild night number three.

Illyah is becoming a mighty Paladin. I’m still annoyed at the lack of ranged weapons.. but other than that I’m pleased at her versatility. Lanlong sent Illyah the [Oak Mallet] of the Monkey (+4 Agility, +3 Stamina) and [Hefty Battlehammer] of the Gorilla (+5 Intelligence, +6 Strength). Unfortunately Illyah currently can’t use maces of any form. The weapon trainer for maces is over in Thunder Bluffs (far far away, beyond a zone of 15-16 level critters). I think I’ll wait until after next week’s guild night (when I’ll hopefully be at or above the 15/16 level range) before I make the run from Ogrimarr to Thunder Bluffs.

In discussions after Guild night, Verlia asked if there was a guild tabard. After a short discssion, Eadyth declared the the main point of playing a Blood Elf was the dead sexiness of it all.. and guild tabards just cover that up.. so for now there will be no guild tabard.

No, we’re not vain. Why do you ask?

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2 comments to “I’m too sexy.. for my guild tabard”

  • Hey your guild night sounds fun :) Are your guildies just random recruits, or is this a re-roll group of people you already know and like to play with?

    I was always afraid of running guild night quest runs because of the “leechy” players who seemed unable to accomplish anything on their own. But, I guess that’s a completely seperate problem that doesn’t reflect at all on the whole ‘team play’ benefit of the guild night in question. Just another thing to figure out as a Guild Officer, I guess :)

    WoWGrrl player blog

  • Nibuca

    Bawk Bawk a limited set of people from the West Kingdom guild (Alliance side). WK guild is made up of people we know who play in the SCA (medieval recreation group).

    Because we know them outside of the game we get very little guild drama(there’s still some). Knowing that you’re going to run into person X in the flesh at some point in the future causes you to treat them more kindly than if they’re completely vitual.

    At this low of a level quest runs make the most sense. We’re not prepared to start instances. In fact I’m new enough to WoW I actually don’t know what instants become available when.

    In the next few weeks I do expect we’ll try Warsong Gulch. A couple guildie’s have mentioned that it’ll be interesting to try it from the other side.. personally I’ve never been there.. so it’s all new to me.