This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Bloodthistle.. and your point is?

I’m not sure if [Bloodthistle] is a benefit or a detriment.

Illyah is my fourth herbalist. I like the profession. At least at the low levels, herbalism/alchemy seem to be the most universally helpful profession pairing. On my other characters, the lowbie areas where you start herbalism have Peacebloom, Silverleaf, Earthroot and the occational Mageroyal. The blood elf zone is the first time I’ve run into bloodthistle (which I guess makes sense since only Blood Elves can use it…). It’s all over the place. Very nice for the herbalism skill up.. but I’m not sure I understand the usefulness of the herb itself.

From Dramatis Personae: The clarity of the leaf:
All my life, I have never been very good at keeping myself in one piece… I seem to fly apart at the slightest stress. But this blessed leaf… it clears my mind and calms me, makes me able to do and say things that otherwise would leave me a weeping, trembling wreck.

In Outlands there’s a quest called “Bundle of Bloodthistle” where you place a bundle of Bloodthistle beside the road to tempt a Blood Elf away from his body guard. The Bloodthistle addiction is viewed as a shameful thing.

Use: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by a small amount for 10 minutes.

The use wording is confusing to me. Is this damage I do, damage done to me, healing I do, healing done to me? Blah! And what -exactly- is “a small amount”?

Thottbot seems to give it as +10 to healing and spell damage for 10 minutes.. then you suffer from bloodthistle withdrawl for 20 minutes. This reduces your spirit by 5.

Is it really worth it?

Spirit effects your health and mana regeneration. By default, you do not regenerate health during combat. By default, mana will not regenerate while casting a channeled spell nor for 5 seconds after casting an instant spell or completing a standard (non-channeled) spell. Note that the five second rule does not start if the spell cast has no mana cost.

Formulas from Thotbott
Formulas from WowWiki

So, when you’re in combat, if you’re “on” with bloodthistle you’ll get +10 to spell damage and +10 to healing. If you’re off… you’ll see no effect to your health.. (since it wasn’t going to regenerate anyway) but you’ll see a drop in you mana regeneration.

For Paladin: mana regenerated per tick = Spirit/5 + 15
For Illyah: Without withdrawl 29/5+15 = 20.8
For Illyah: With withdrawl 24/5+15 = 19.8

So when regenerating Illyah will get 1 less mana point per tick.
Illyah total mana: 434

So if Illyah has spent all her mana then..
.. without withdrawl it’ll take almost 21 ticks to fully recharge.
..with withdrawl it’ll take almost 22 ticks to fully recharge.

I’m uncertain of the health regeneration forumula. I’ll need to look it up.

WoWWiki says:
Spirit * 0.25 + ?

HRm.. less than helpful. If I use the Hunter forumula then that’s +6.

For Paladin(wild-ass-guess): health regenerated per tick = Spirit/4 + 6
For Illyah: Without withdrawl 29/4+6 = 13.25
For Illyah: With withdrawl 24/4+6 = 12

So when regenerating out of combat Illyah will get 1 less health point per tick.
Illyah total health: 334

So if Illyah really really hurt at the end of combat…
.. without withdrawl it’ll take almost 25 ticks to fully heal.
..with withdrawl it’ll take almost 28 ticks to fully heal.

So at the end of combat.. it would normally take 21 ticks (~47 seconds) to fully recharge her mana.. and an additional 3 ticks (~6 seconds) beyond that to be back to full health.

If she’s suffering from withdrawl.. then it will take 22 ticks (~49 seconds) to fully recharge her mana.. and an additional 6 ticks (~12 seconds) to be back to full health.

Not a big difference at this low of a level. If the debuff gets more severe at higher levels then there might be a difference.

Otherwise it’s an easy +10 for spell casters and since currently the weed is plentiful, it’s one I’m willing to take. I’ll also hand it out to my Mage/Warlock/Priest guildies. I guess this makes me a pusher.

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1 comment to Bloodthistle.. and your point is?

  • Wow, you sure worked out those details!

    But yah, I remember all the commotion on the General line after the expansion first came out and there were a billion BE’s running around… “Bloodthistle is a drug for BE’s to be addicted to!”

    I think it’s damned funny that a lot of these RPG games use things like drugs and alcohol for burst healing or for increased healing over time… on text-based RPGs I used to play online, folks ran around with kegs of alcohol in their inventories and were perpetually drunk while playing.

    So terribly un-PC, I love it.

    WoWGrrl player blog