This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Life as a bear

Speed skilling is for the birds. Or at least it is when you’re speed skilling a lowbie. Obliette started the night at level 10 with alchemy up to 130. A quick visit to the trainer showed that she can’t train to the next level of Alchemy until she hits level 20. Ugh.

First things first she completed her druid bear-form quest (which actually dragged her off to Darkshore). “Run off to this cave east of town that’s guarded by moonkins. Sprinkle dust on the crystal in the cave. Kill Lunaclaw, named summoned moonkin, and then come back here”. Cave guarded by level 12&13 moonkins. Me being level 10. Ugh. The 12s I could do.. but the 13 kicked my butt. After it killed me the first time I took a couple of minutes to examine the situation. It turned out I could circle around to the side of the cave entrance and bypass the level 13 moonkin so I only had to deal with one level 12. Killed him, sprinkling the dust, killed Lunaclaw and Shazam! All set to go. Hopped a hippogryph back to Darnassus and turned in the bear quest.

Ok.. I’m trying not to be vain here (at least with my night elf) but OMG the druidic bear form is U G L Y! Sort of a cross between a bear and a half-way-changed-to- night-elf-werewolf (though I guess that would be werebear). *shudder* Gathering herbs is kinda funny though.. the digging bear makes me laugh everytime.

So off to cut a wide bloody swath in the Teldrassil landscape on my path to level 20.

Bear form was.. interesting. Can’t cast buffs.. can’t heal self.. can do rage-related things. I’ve never played anything with rage.. so this was new to me. After a swift night of questing I’ve cleared all of the quests for Teldrassil and dinged 13. The only quests I have now are shepherding me to Darkshore.

So I guess that’s Obliette’s next destination.

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