This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Almost like a headless chicken

Guild night number three was much less bumpy than guild night number two. For the most part my mapping of quests worked out well, at least for my group. Because we have six players.. and the biggest party can only be 5 we broke the guild up into two groups of three. These groups were affectionately dubbed the “Blueberry” group (since they had the warlock) and the “Bear” group (since we had the hunter with a bear). Because we were in separate groups it made sense to split up and work on different quests. This was a good plan except that I hadn’t given the “where to go, what to do” list to anyone on the other group. I’ll have to do better next week.

At six players Bawk Bawk was at a disadvantage. Two groups of 3 aren’t as wonderful as two groups of five. Class-wise we lacked a warrior or a druid since Blood elves can’t be those classes.

Knowing this was the case I invited James to start playing with us. He agreed, and when he heard we lacked a warrior, he rolled up a Tauren Warrior. I also invited my brother and a friend from high school, Gina, to join us. They made a Blood Elf Priest and a Blood Elf Warlock respectively. So now we are at 9 players. The three new additions say they’ll try to level up to 16 by next week.

Ghostlands quests have been fairly predictable. Mostly they’re “kill X number of Y creatures” or “retrieve Z number of A item from the corpses of Y” pretty easy and requiring little thought. I still hate murlocs. *sigh* I wonder if there are murlocs in Outlands?

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