This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Scarlet Monestary and Shattrath City

For West Kingdom Guild night the lowbies (~35-ish) toons decided to do Scarlet Monastery. We started off by getting a couple of quests from Ironforge and then Stormwind.. then we went to Desolace, ( Tatia dinged 37 while “discovering” lands on the way to Desolace) completed a couple of other quests, and finally got the “actual” Scarlet Monastery quest.

Scarlet Monastery is located in baby-undeadland. I’ve never been there before.. well, not really. As Illyah, the baby Blood Elf, I walked out of Undercity to the Zepplin.. but I’d never actually wandered around in the area. Although tempted, Grimr assured me that killing the Skeletal Horse stable master would not cause him to drop a skeletal horse (sigh). Bummed, we instead assalted the Monastery.

To paraphrase: “Established to fight off the invasion of undead in Azeroth, the Scarlet Monastery group have gone all fanatical and zenophobic. They fear and hate all non-human visitors and see all human visitors as potential carriers for the undead plague.” Yippie.

Interesting, what with them all living in a Monastery with a graveyard inhabited by the undead and with them having a boss guy who -is- undead. Wonder if they knew…

The group was Zaramina (36 Mage), Tanuur (37 Shaman) and Tatia (37 Pally). We burned through the Graveyard and the Library with relatively little difficulty. “Judgement of Justice” AKA: “Don’t you go nowhere” came in handy to prevent runners. As we were heading into the Armory, another guildie offered to “run us through” with Chulong (55 rogue). I think we could have handled most of the Armory… the final boss would have been hard though.

After the Armory, Zaramina had to logoff and we added Treasure (35 Rogue), another guildie for a run at the Cathedral itself. This would have been a lot more difficult without Chulong. Even with Chulong we had one unfortunate pull that killed everyone -but- him.

The uber-shield ([Aegis of the Scarlet Commander])didn’t drop so I’ll be trying this a few more times. At the end of the night I hearthed to Ironforge to sell/repair. While in Ironforge a Mage was offering port to Shattrath City for tips. Guildie’s had discussed that hearthing in Shattrath was really the easiest thing to do. So Tatia tipped the nice man 1g, got ported to Shattrath City and is now hearthed there.

– Draenei are automatically “Friendly” with Aldor when they arrive at the City.
– Toons who are “friendly” with Aldor get stomped into smudges of blood and gristle when confronted with Scryer guards.
– Luckily “stomped into smudges” translated into “Transported to outside the city”
– Despite everyone’s warning, Mobs did not run from miles around to “tear little-bitty level 37 Tatia (the uber aggro magnet) to ribbons” just because she went outside the city. That said, I think I’ll try and avoid that in the future.
– The thrill of discovering the “Outlands” is diminished when you are instead ported there. I’m fairly certain I’ll eventually have to do the run through the “real” portal just to have the awestruck feeling of discovering a new dimension.
– The portal to Ironforge drops you off right in front of the Paladin trainer! -sweet- Now if only I had hit level 38. *sigh*

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