This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

The obligatory UI screenshot

Here’s my UI as I’m working with it now:

Addon: Cogsbar (5×2 bar in bottom left-hand corner)
Addon: MetaHUD (the health/mana bars around the middle)
Addon: MikScrollingBattleText (incoming heals/hits on the left, outgoing hits on the right with identification)
Addon: Grid (the colored bars on the left. Shows who has aggro, who is low on health, who needs cleansing)
Addon: KTM (threat meter on the left. shows who in your party has aggro and who’s about to grab aggro)
Addon: Titan (bar across the top. Indispensible)
Addon: MobInfo-2 (the added info in the tooltip about the mob)
Addon: Pallypower (the hidden stuff behind the tooltip. Invaluable for keeping up on your blessings when in a group. Though the timer is a bit broken.. it always starts at 15 minutes even if you’re not casting Greater Blessings)

The 3 bars on the left are goofy. They take up too much space and don’t really make it easier to heal. I need to figure out an easier way to choose from the many many heals I have available.

The two bars across the top are less goofy.. but still need to be tweaked. I need more spaces in the left bar (since I think I have a few more auras coming) and the utility bar (the 1×4 at the top) needs to be smaller and allow for more buttons.

Addon: CT-buff the buffs shown next to the minimap. It’s not horrible.. but it just seems to take up a lot of space and tell me very little information.

Comments and suggestions cheerfully accepted.

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