This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

ARGH! Racism and WoW!

So a while back Tatia got a port to Shattrath City and made it her home hearth. It’s very convenient for the easy ports to the major cities. On her first day (heck, first five minutes) in the city she had a run-in with the Scryer folks (dang pesky used-to-be-Blood-Elves). To quote:

- Draenei are automatically “Friendly� with Aldor when they arrive at the City.
- Toons who are “friendly� with Aldor get stomped into smudges of blood and gristle when confronted with Scryer guards.
- Luckily “stomped into smudges� translated into “Transported to outside the city�

So Tatia, as a Draenei Paladin, is automatically friendly with Aldor. Ok, fine.

Last night a guildie mentioned that in order to train past 300 Enchanting you need to go visit the Scryers because “The Scryers have both a Master Enchanter and a Grand Master Enchanter trainer. Due to this, you do not need to go into Uldaman anymore”

Well la-ti-da, that’s mighty fancy of them.. but it also means that Tatia can’t train past 300 until she can flip from Aldor friendly to Scryer friendly. BUT she can’t flip from Aldor to Scryer until she can kill things in the Outlands ARGH!

So I’m -stuck- at 300 (once I get 300) until after level 58. That just bites.

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4 comments to ARGH! Racism and WoW!

  • Once you get to 300, you can go to Honor Hold. There’s an enchanter trainer in the tower in HH. ^^b

  • Blackheart

    While I don’t know about allience, Horde has a Grand Master enchanter in Thrallmar, the first horde town in the Outlands. See if you can get a guild warlock to summon you to the allience version of Thrallmar (Honor Hold?), I would be surprised if there wasn’t one there.

  • Nibuca

    Woot! Walking to HH seems right out.. but a summons might be possible. Though at the rate I’m going I think I might actually be able to walk through the dark portal at 58 just in time to train. Hmmm.

  • Walking there is doable… just do it naked since you’ll probably aggro tons of mobs on the way there. I guided a friend of mine when she was in her low 50s there and she died a few times, but no biggie.