This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Giving love to the Alts

Last night was about giving some face time to the alts (and acquiring rested XP on Tatia). I have many and they mostly serve purposes. If we were leveling up as one happy alt family we’d be more functional. Unfortunately Tatia had to sprint ahead and now the others are befuddled as to how to be helpful.

Tatia, my Paladin, is my main toon. She’s currently doing skinning and enchanting. The goal with her professions was to do something useful that required no effort. IE, anything that falls at my feet. I didn’t want to have to be running off to mine ore or pick flowers as that would take away from my push to level the fastest. Enchanting was taken mainly for the disenchanting. I hate having to sell soulbound items for a pittance when the disenchanted mats sell for way more. The combination of Auctioneer and Enchantrix is very powerful. Anything that sells for greater than it disenchants is sent to AH. Otherwise it’s disenchanted. This has the added bonus of being able to put whatever enchant I want on her armor/weapons. With skinning, anything she kills she skins. She then sends stacks of hides/skins to Tikah. No fuss, no muss.

Tikah, my Hunter, is my Skinner/Leatherworker. Up until last week Tikah just banked the skins because she was capped at LW 150 and couldn’t do anything with the skins. Last week her bank filled up completely so I played Tikah to “get her up to at least 20″ so she could increase her Leatherworking. I actually played her until 21 (SO MUCH FUN!!) and got her a partially see-through kitty (as of yet unnamed) as a new pet. Tikah at 21 is now happily skilling her Leatherworking up further… That said, Tatia wears plate so Leatherworking is wasted on her. It -is- a good source of disenchantable items… and the sale of items/skins is generating a nice steady income. Tikah is now pulling her weight.

Last night I played a bunch of my other Alliance-side alts. I was in the mood. None of them hit the magic 20 mark.. but I played them until I felt I was done playing them for the night.

Obliette, my Druid, is my Herbalist/Alchemist. For a couple weeks it was nice to have Obliette send potions/elixers to Tatia. Then Tatia sped past the point where Obliette’s potions/elixers were useful (though the underwater breathing made Vile Reef farming of blue pearls -much- easier). Obliette’s been sitting at 14 since Tatia was declared my new main. Last week I played Obliette up to 17. Last night I played her up to 19 (which according to the Armoury makes her the highest level “Obliette” in the world). I found playing the Druid to be absolutely painful. I don’t know what it was.. in Bear form I really wanted to drop hammers (and to strangle the “Not Enough Rage” voice) and in Night Elf form I kept running out of mana. It was just frustrating. The least frustrating part was swimming around in (really ugly) seal form picking Stranglekelp. I’m hopeful that cat form, with its higher DPS will make the druid more fun to play.

Monneh, my Priest, is my Tailor/Enchanter. Monneh was an enchanter first.. but Tatia has quickly sped past her… so Monneh’s enchanting is a little redundant. I’m not sure what I want to do about that. Monneh’s been sitting at 17 for a while. As a plate wearer, Tatia has no use for Monneh’s clothie goods. But it just seems silly to leave Monneh at level 17 capped out at 150 tailoring when we could easily go to 20 and raise her tailoring skills. The lure of bags is huge. I enjoyed playing Monneh more than playing Obliette. Holy Shield makes me happy. I found her to be a lot less durable than my Paladin.. and adds during a fight were stressful. Monneh seemed to be easier on the mana than Obliette.. but there was still a lot of drinking pauses and a couple of deaths. I think it will be fairly easy to level Monneh up to 20.

Ette, my warlock, is now at level 7. Ette is the new kid in the family. I made her late last week. She doesn’t really have a place yet. I can’t say precisely why I made her. It just seemed like the right thing to have a little pigtailed, green-haired, green-eyed gnome in the family. I’m loving the dots.. grooving on the “Life Tap”/Bandage combo and yearning for my blueberry. Fear is fun.. but supposedly will become more fun with the additon of “Curse of Recklessness”. Ette took up mining last night but I’m not entirely sure why. If she does mining it will be to AH the stuff as I have no Engineers or Blacksmiths. She could take up Engineering.. but Peter said it’s a money pit.. and I believe him. I’m kinda “meh” on the whole idea of Ette’s professions.

Tikataka, my rogue, is a level 26 skinner/herbalist and I expect she’ll sit there for a while. I’m just not excited about playing the rogue. I don’t know why. It just isn’t my thing.

In all.. I found that for my pleasure:

Paladin > Hunter/Warlock > Priest > Druid/Rogue

I haven’t played a Warrior or a Shaman.. so I don’t know how they fit.

Fiancee keeps asking me why I bother with my alts. Anything they could craft I could probably get from guildies. I don’t really have a good answer except that leaning that heavily on my guildies feels like freeloading. Which isn’t really an answer since Baldwyn’s been providing me with armor.. and Lashala with bags. So I guess I’m already freeloading. *sigh*

I guess I’m playing alts to give myself time away from my main. Tatia all the time is too much. Sometimes you just want to blast away at something from range instead of blugeoning it toe-to-toe.

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  • GamerMommy

    When you get cat form with your druid you will have more variety. I spend 90% of my time in cat form unless I am the healer but I am feral specc’d so I love it!