This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

“Yes, I play both sides.. your point?”

I have alt-oholism bad. Luckily I have a goal of achieving 70 with my main, Tatia, so my alt-ing only gets to take 1-2 days out of the week.

Last night guildies expressed a lot of confusion that I have a same-classed toons on both factions.

Tatia – 47 Draenei Protection Paladin
Illyah – 24 Blood Elf Protection Paladin

Ette – 8 Gnome Warlock
Ãsh – 13 Blood Elf Warlock

They seemed genuinely confused that I would have the same classes on both sides of the faction line. I don’t get it. I don’t understand why this is weird. I like playing my Paladin a lot.. and I’m learning to like the Warlock. If I like it why shouldn’t I like it on both sides? I don’t get it.

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4 comments to “Yes, I play both sides.. your point?”

  • I think the common mentality of playing alts isn’t to play what you know, but to play something new. Like for me, my original character is a Mage. Well when I decided to roll a healer to help out my guild, I considered a Priest, but the idea of playing in cloth again left me with a bad taste in my mouth, so I rolled a Paladin. Playing the same class on a different faction or race seems nonsensical to them because there are very few differences in game play. Priests have their racial spells, and Paladins have their two 60+ different seals (Seal of Vengeance and Seal of Blood) but other than that there are very few differences.

  • Nibuca

    I have paladins on both sides because when I started the Blood Elves it just made sense to try out the new horde-side class. Then, when I was looking for something to make my new main and run up to 70.. I glommed onto the Paladin. I like the spec and I felt that I could stick with it.

    Alliance-side I have Paladin(47), Rogue(26), Hunter(21), Priest(19), Druid(19), Warlock(8).

    Horde-side I have Paladin(24), Warlock(13).

    The only thing I’m missing is Warrior, Shaman and Mage. I suppose I could have rolled one of those for my new alts instead of two warlocks.. but those classes didn’t fit my requirements.

    I made the horde-side warlock first.
    Horde-side requirements:
    – Must be a blood elf (Bawk Bawk is primarily BE and I wanted to stay with that)
    – Must fulfill a different role than Illyah (Paladin)
    – I don’t want another rogue
    – Must be non-squishy enough to solo well and gather flowers for Illyah (eliminated priest, mage)

    I was sorely tempted by the hunter.. but I’ve done that already.. and I wanted to try something new.

    Ta-da, Ãsh is born.

    Alliance-side requirements:
    – Must be a gnome (specifically green-pigtailed, green eyed)
    – when she got to higher levels I wanted her to fill a different role than Tatia (tank).
    – I don’t want another rogue.

    I tried the mage.. and I found it to be uber-squishy. (plus I didn’t want to be the same as Zaramina).
    So the only choice left was warlock. Ta-da, Ette is born.

    All very logical.

  • How far did you get playing a mage? Not saying that you made the wrong decision, because I agree that mages are mighty squishy, but once we get to level 10 we get frost nova which does wonders for our survivability. Also, if you focus more on frost than fire, it also increases our ability to avoid (not mitigate) damage. If you made it past 10, but still thought they were too squishy, then yeah… mage isn’t for you. :(

  • Nibuca

    Idyll only made it to 6 or 8 I think. I started her off on a whim.. and when I thought it through later on I decided it was a bad idea.

    Zaramina and I are good friends. We hang out together and do a lot of things together outside of WoW. A lot of our friends get confused and call us by each other’s name. It’s vaguely annoying IRL but it’s started to also happen on Ventrillo and in the game. I decided it was a very bad idea for me to have a mage just like Zaramina (just begging for more confusion) so I deleted Idyll and created Ette the warlock.

    Yeah, I know.. totally different. :) At least I’m trying.