This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

What is a tank when she’s not a tank?

I don’t want to go Holy.. I want to main tank but I’m open to -not- main tanking. What use am I as a protection specced paladin if I’m not main tank?

If I’m off-tank/main assist the baddie should be hitting the main tank so I won’t be able to get Redoubt/Reckoning to proc. I need to keep my threat up so I’m second on the threat meter behind the main tank. Hard to do without Reckoning. Let’s see… white damage + Retribution Aura + Consecrate + Judgement of the Crusader + Seal of Righteousness + Righteous Fury + Blessing of Wisdom (on me)

If I’m healing I don’t want to sit-back and heal. I want to be up there hitting the baddie and healing. I believe that in this role I should have Judgement of Light up and I should minimize my threat generated so I don’t grab aggro. I need to keep behind the baddie so I’m out of harm’s way (cleve’s and the like) and yet still hit the baddie (bypassing block/parry) on a fairly regular basis to keep my judgement up. I suppose I’d want Seal of Wisdom on myself to keep my mana up.
Judgement of Light + Seal of Wisdom + Blessing of Wisdom (on me) + Blessing of Light (on my heal target) + Devotion Aura

Just thinking “out loud”.

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2 comments to What is a tank when she’s not a tank?

  • Hmmm, not sure what to tell you. But to each we choose our own path even it’s the road less traveled, sometimes difficult path also. So here are my thoughts.

    1. I’m protect spec just like you and i love melee.
    2. Since day 1 of WoW i’ve been protection spec as a Paladin.
    3. I’ve never had to respect as a Paladin from my Protec tree, only spec tuning.
    4. I plan on been protec spec all the way, unless Blizzard ruin the tree. I have no desire to be a Holy heal bot. Yes i will heal for a group i can help out. But i will not change my spec because some Raid leader says so. I have a mind of my own.
    5. I think you or to play the class you love and how you love to play, its your enjoyment.
    6. For your $15 bucks a month, you or to play or spec to your heart desire.
    7. It may be the road less traveled as protection spec to getting into raids. SO JUST BE A DAMM GOOD TANKing PALADIN. :) )

    Just my thoughts, so i guess i don’t plan to change my spec for anyone from what i enjoy playing. Yes i will heal if you ask me or with a proper healing gear set when or if i can get it. I just may not be as efficient as a holy paladin on heals…. Because i built for tanking. I’m also open minded of things. However i dreams of tanking and i’m staying that way. WOOT for PROTECTION PALADIN.

  • Nibuca, I was posting about my instance runs last night, and I found part of my post came close to what you were talking about here, so I added on a reply to this post there. Check it out if you like.