This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Me: Shield, You: Glass Cannon

Tatia hit 50 last night. My RL intrusion finished on Saturday so I’m back on track for the race to 58 (and then 70).

Yesterday I got invited into a PUG for Maraudon. I’ve never been to Maraudon but I have researched it a little (checking out the rewards, making sure I knew where to get all of the quests needed). When I accepted the summon I found that one of the group members had challenged another to a duel. I started to have a bad feeling.

It turns out the pug was evenly split between level headed mature individuals.. and nitwits. Unfortunately a nitwit was the leader. At one point he disconnected and I got the “leader baton”. When he came back I was sorely tempted to keep it but he was such a brat about it I finally handed it back. I should have kept it.

Leader was a mage. A “I’m completely unaware of how to manage aggro, no I don’t want Blessing of Salvation, show me the damage meter” mage. Killing the trash was messy. Multiple people pulling aggro. Mage tanking. Just icky.

Finally I announced on /party that I was here to tank but if they didn’t want me to, we could keep getting ganked by the mobs. Then I explained “how tanking works”. I’ve never had to explain the rules before. All my other PUGs either already knew the rules or were guildies (and already knew the rules).

– Wait for a count of 8.
– Then hit the same mob I’m hitting.
– When it’s dead, change to the same mob #2 that I’m hitting.
– if you get aggro, stop hitting the mob and run towards your tank. I can’t get aggro back from you if you’re running away from me.

The problem with the original rules is that nitwit and friends couldn’t seem to count to 8. So I got a count of 4 to establish threat.. and then they unloaded their big guns on the mobs. In order to keep my threat above theirs I found that I had to judge Righteousness and throw down a lot of consecrates. So I found myself out of mana a lot.

I think I’ll change the rules to:
– Wait until you see the second hammer fall.
(Full and unabridged rules on “How to have a happy tank” located here:

This way I’ll be able to throw up Holy Shield, judge Crusader, throw up Seal of Righteousness, consecrate and judge Righteousness. I’m pretty sure they can count to two.. and hopefully this will be enough threat even with the big guns. Also need to look into “Wizard Oil” I understand that it helps up threat as well.

The pug washed out when we wiped twice on trash just before the Princess.. and the Rogue had to log off (school tomorrow) and my armor was at 3%. I managed to complete -none- of the quests. *sigh* I definatly want to complete the Pariah’s quest since the reward ([Mark of the Chosen]) looks like it would be lovely for PAoEladin grinding.

After the pug I ended the night by finishing up a lot of quests in Tanaris (kill plant people, bugs, ogres(LOVED killing ogres, fast hitting dual wielding baddies, kill them all at once. Rawr!)). After training for 50 the Paladin trainer sent me to Chillwind. There are a lot of quests open there.. but I think I’m going to finish up some in the Hinterlands first. I also need to finish Zul’Farak at some point and get the [Carrot on a Stick].

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1 comment to Me: Shield, You: Glass Cannon

  • LMAO….. Really!

    Always know when to quit a group before you start or if you didn’t know when you started, quit when its apparent to you that it can go bad.

    “I’d rather be in a bad fight with good people/players than a good fight with bad players or players that suck” Galo

    You can easily do the Mark of the Chosen Solo. 3 Marks are in the Orange and blue areas, the other two are just inside the two instances but get to them quickly and waste not alot of time fighting mobs.