This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

That Damn Bell

It started out so simply..

I’m cleaning up my quest log and found that I had a couple of quests to finish up in Feralas. So I flew off to Feathermoon. While killing Ironfurs and Graddoc’s (for their livers) my Brother logged onto Venti. He has a hunter who is very close to me in level and offered to come quest with me.

While he was flying on the bird I happened to stumble on another quest. So there’s this child, Shay.. and she’s wandered off from her guardian (very large slow fellow) and he asked us to bring her back. Brother arrives and we quickly finished off the liver quests and ran off north to gather the flames and assemble a stave. It was quick and easy. Then we went and gathered the poor lost child.

So she’s standing in the midst of all these rather unhappy harpies. And she’s just standing there… right next to a box with a bell in it. I think this was the -only- time I ever saw her stand still. She tells you that if she wanders off, you should ring the bell and she comes back. Relatively simple.

Take 1: So we gather the child, and her bell.. and we head back south to hand her over to her guardian. This “escort” quest is a little less annoying than some others since she doesn’t summon any additional mobs. Anyway we get within spitting distance of her guardian and my brother attacks a bear… I didn’t notice and continue on to the guardian.. at which point Bro says “uh-damn, quest failed” because he is too far away from the child.

So I abandon the quest (and the child). It wasn’t that far and wasn’t that hard, we’ll just do it again. *cue ominous music*

Take 2. Run north, gather child, gather bell. Run south. Choose wrong path and end up south of the guardian (but don’t know we’re south). Spend quite a while looking for the right path. Find the right path.. get attacked by 3 mobs. Quest timer runs out while we’re fighting the last mob. WITHIN EYESIGHT OF THE GUARDIAN!!! GRRRR.

Take 3. Run north… Brother gets distracted.. twice now we’ve run by and NPC on the side of the road.. and suddenly he’s curious and wants to know why it’s there. Turns out they have an easy quest. You accept the quest and they transport you to the top of a local mountain. Long way down. Luckily there’s another NPC hanging out up there.. and he sells parachutes.

I’m thinking this’ll be like the beginning Draenei quest.. you know where the furbolg gives you glow-y wings and you glide across the river (almost a full minute of gliding)? Sweet. Gliding down sounds like fun. Pop the parachute, jump off mountain. There were six blissful seconds of floaty-free fall.. then parachute ends. Sudden swift plundge to squshy(clanky) death on the side of the mountain. Turns out you have to jump, then wait a bit, then deploy parachute.. since it only lasts for 10 seconds. GRUMBLE!

Run from spirit healer back to body. Try as I might, I can’t get close enough to my body to Res (believe me I tried). 20 frustrating minutes later I ran back to the Spirit Healer to Res.

Take 4 (yes, I know take 3 was an abortive attempt but I still count it as a failed attempt). Run north. Gather brat. Run south. Give brat to the idiot who lost her. All of 10 minutes work.. that instead took 2 freaking hours.


OH! And add to that, at the beginning of the night (before this all happened) a friend logged on, congratulated me on getting 50 and then comment “You level fast for a paladin”. *sigh*

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2 comments to That Damn Bell

  • samownall

    Lol – tbc grind is soooo much easier than azeroth. Gl mate! I like your blog btw and have linked to it from my wow blog – World of Wacraft Guru If you like mine I would greatly appreciate being added to your blogroll :) Thanks

  • GamerMommy

    I have no love for escort quests and surely will not be looking for that poor lost child. LOL!