This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Alliance side Run on Maraudon


– Shadowshard Fragments from Archmage Tervosh in Theramore.(I don’t know if it can be shared)
– Vyletongue Corruption from Talendria at Nijel’s Point at 69,9 (I don’t know if it can be shared)
– Corruption of Earth and Seed from Keeper Marandis at 64, 11 (cannot be shared)
– Twisted Evils from Willow at Kormek’s Hut @ 62,40, NE of the Kodo Graveyard (I don’t know if it can be shared)
– The Pariah’s Instructions (Reward: [Mark of the Chosen]) from Centaur Pariah who is on patrol ( from 43,85 which is a small hill he walks to 48,87 and moves up a bigger hill and ends his patrol at 50, 86). (cannot be shared)
– Legends of Maraudon from Cavindra (located inside the fortress/cave that leads into the Maraudon instance. Look for orange crystals and continue heading down that path. She is a satyr NPC that will be standing on the left side of the hall)

Wander past the gate into the pre-instance:

Enter your chosen door (orange or purple) and enter the instance proper:

Last night we did a run on Maraudon. We had Tatia (51 Pally), Zaramina (50 Mage), Sibiy (59 Hunter), from our guild and then we picked up Athiest (44 Priest), and Synergie (49 Shaman) from the /lfm channel.

The run went very well (yes, we were minorly overpowered). I wanted to tank.. I really did.. but on the trash mobs, if Synergie and I both ran up and started beating on the mob.. inevitably the mob aggroed on Synergie. I’m thinking about ways to fix that.. I just don’t generate enough threat if I’m not being hit.

When someone threw up a damage meter I scored only slightly above the shaman totems *sigh*.

Regardless I got the trinket I was after and was able to clear quite a few quests out of my log.

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