This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.


The gates to Outlands have now been flung open.. to bad Tatia already snuck in the back door. Finished up my last few bubbles in Eastern Plaguelands killing undead to release the trapped towns-people’s souls.

I’ve decided I hate the Plaguelands. The undead are nice.. lots of “Rawr” but the land itself is kind of “yawn”. Hate the plaguebats.. they remind me of the Pterrodactyls in Un’goro. Hate the slow fear. Seriously, if I’m “feared” I should run away.. not just slowly walk away. There should be terror, fleeing and shrieking… just strolling off without being able to control my toon is annoying… shrieking off into the distances at top speed would be exciting. How cool would that be if whenever you got feared your toon audibly shrieked in terror while running like a scared little bunny. (seriously chortling here at the image of big bad warriors gibbering like bunnies).

My questlog is full.. 2 in Un’goro (save Amy and the other big gorilla quest(I can’t find a Mithral Casing)), a couple for Dire Maul, a couple for Upper Blackrock Spire, a bunch for Eastern/Western Plaguelands, one group quest for Wintersprings. I’d have a bunch for Scholo to but I dropped them when I realized they were easy to pick up when we actually decide to run Scholo.

I hate the idea of moving onto Hellfire Pennisula with a full quest log. I guess this means I’ll spend a couple days clearing my log. I may just drop the Plagueland quests since I’m finding the area so distasteful. I’m pretty certain I don’t need Argent Dawn faction. I’ll live without it.

My bank is also full of “Dark Iron Scraps” and “Dark Iron Residue” and other such faction crap. Seriously need to either turn them in or sell them.. leaning towards selling.

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2 comments to DING 58

  • Well, turning in the stuff for AD tokens can net you an entire level. So, if you gather up 30 of each turn in, and turn it in, you’ve got a nice chunk of EXP. The nice thing about Outland is the inflated EXP on the mobs there, so, if you go there at 58, or earlier, you can pretty much uber level up to 60 at a way quicker pace then you did on Azeroth.

    However, I share your pain about quest logs… I tried to stick it out in Azeroth for as long as I could.

  • Blackheart

    Turn in what you have, smile, look at the old world with fond memories, then dump those quests and head to Outlands. That’s what I did. The gear and xp in Outlands blow away anything you will get from the old world quests.

    But that’s just me. Last weekend we two manned Scholo so my wife could clear the Ras Frostwhisper quest out of the log of her 70 mage. DIfferent strokes :-)