This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Phat Lootz beyond armor and weapons

More thinking.

You know what -would- get me to go through old-world instances? Phat -unattainable from anywhere else- lootz.

– Rare/other-faction mounts (I so want a Marti-gras chicken mount)
– Mount/pet bag (ie, a bag that can hold multiple mounts/pets)
– Must-have-it, can’t-live-without-it recipes (a la mana potion from Scholo)
– Armor dye (so long clown look)
– Hair dye (Blondes have more fun.)
– Ye old hair salon (how would that rock? I mean “LF1M need healer to get through Onyxia’s lair to the hair salon”)
– Feature that would allow hunters to buy an additional slot the their pet stable (speaking of which, why can’t non-hunters stable their additional mounts/pets at the stable?)
– Saddle bags to add to your mount (hi ho pack mule, away)
– Cool looking all-around-you auras (like the rose petals.. ) sparkles, black holes, even something like the shaman glowey circling comet.
– Mana bandages (or recipe that would allow you to make mana bandages)
– A way to add a surname or title (Madame Tatia mighty slayer of murlocks)
– Item that would allow you to have a third profession
– A “kid” ray that would shrink you down and show you as a child (I think Tatia as a toddling Draenei (a la the orphans from kids week) would be uber precious)

I guess the next thing you’d have to do is make it so the level 60 instances aren’t horribly easy for 70′s. I mean where’s the fun in running everything while totally overpowered?

What do you think? What Phat Lootz would you love to see?

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