This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

The Definition of Suck

So it’s been building for a while.. kind of hiding in the overpowered runs of ZF, Maraudon, BRD, Sunken temple… Tatia’s threat building sucks.

Now keep in mind, Tatia’s my first toon.. so I’m a little vague about the normal workings of a group with a tank.. but even my expectations are not being met. I’m not sure what needs to happen.

The Ideal:
Somebody aggros the mobs.. mobs run toward group. Tatia skillfully gathers up the stray mobs so they’re all hitting her. Holy shield up at all times.. threat building to gigantic proportions. DPSers unload on Tatia’s main target until it’s down. Then move onto target number two, three, etc.

The Actuality:
Somebody aggros the mobs.. mobs run toward the group…. Right past Tatia. They spread out like an army of locusts.. and attack whichever squishy looks tastiest. Tatia runs after 1-2 of the mobs hitting them with her sword (or taunts them off of the healer), using Judgment of Righteousness to try and get their attention. Some hunter throws down an ice trap at Tatia’s feet just as she throws down a consecrate. Everyone eventually DPSes everything down. Not very many wipes.. but very very very messy.

Guildie hunters have had to turn growl off so they don’t constantly pull mobs off of me.. Which means the when they shoot the mobs.. and pull aggro the mob goes to them instead of their pet. Which then causes them to turn growl back on.. because if they’re going to pull aggro they’d rather do that with their pet.

One guildie even told me that consecrate should be removed from my hotbar(has no place in a dungeon). So I’m becoming more and more frustrated and feel like I’m failing the group.

I normally have the following up: Retribution Aura, Blessing of Sanctuary, Improved Righteous Fury

Things to build threat:
– White damage from sword (very minimal, hardly worth mentioning)(Added Superior Wizard Oil for what that’s worth)
– Consecrate (~300 damage over 8 seconds. AoE, breaks any nearby crowd control)
– Avenger’s Shield (Hits 3 mobs for good threat, breaks crowd control & makes it hard for CCers to peel off mobs after the throw)
– Judgment of Righteousness (10 second cool down ~137 damage)
– Holy Shield (~2000 damage over 10 seconds #1 threat builder, requires that I block and I must be the one being hit).
(I’m not considering Exorcism or Holy Wrath as those are only used in very specific circumstances)

So if I remove consecrate.. I’m left with Avenger’s Shield (good against 3 mobs as long as there’s no CC in the way.. and as long as I’m not already being hit), Judgment of Righteousness (which only works on one mob for a pitiful amount of damage) and Holy shield (which only works if they’re hitting me).

I believe, in the boss fights I’m doing well. Mostly this is because they’re giving me time to build threat. Is it reasonable for me to expect to hold threat in the trash fights?

What am I doing wrong?

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3 comments to The Definition of Suck

  • I tank as a Holy Spec, and I will say this much:


    We are effective AoE tankers for a reason, the problem does not lie in you, but the people you are running with. There is a reason why the 2 piece bonus from Righteous (The Pally Tank dungeon 3 set) has -15% mana cost on Consecration for a 2 piece bonus.

    As a paladin, you should be the BEST tank on trash, in fact, up until Karazhan, you should be the BEST tank for a lot of stuff.

    Also, look into ‘Righteous Taunt’, it’s a macro that makes Righteous Defense work more like taunt:

    /cast [help,nodead] Righteous Defense; [target=targettarget,nodead] Righteous Defense;

    What your team mates, and you, need to do, is if you’re using CC, have them trap outside you consecration aura, position yourself far away from your team/ccers so you can spam consecrate as well. Throw out righteous judgments, etc. Have the Righteous Fury on all the time, have the talents in it, etc.

    As a Holy spec tank, I have the luxury of a -30% cost of Consecration and Holy Shock for extra aggro generation, and I also crit with my Exorcisms/Wraths. Additionally, it helps if you use your Holy Wrath ability and sprout those wings (it’s a 70 skill) and then throw the shield out and pop consecrate, etc.

    One final thing, ASSIST TRAIN, mark targets, set up a kill order, and abide by it. Nobody should be pulling aggro unless they’re DPSing the wrong target, a healer will NEVER pull aggro off you if you keep using consecrate.

  • Sylvina is absolutely right about Consecration. Mind you, spamming Consecration you’re going to destroy your mana pool, but one use vs. multiple mobs at the start of a fight will give you a large amount of threat to work with.

    Another issue you need to keep in mind is, at your current level, you have little to no spell damage. Against classes that have access to ways to increase their damage (STR for wars, AP for wars/rogues/hunters, AGI for hunters/rogues, spell damage for mage/warlock) our lack of an ability to increase our threat generation other than gaining levels early on is a huge detriment.

    I know you want to finish up the quests in the “old world” before you head up to Outland, I really would advise hitting up Honor Hold and starting to hunt down some pally plate. Just doing the quests in Hellfire Peninsula and Hellfire Citadel, along with some of the drops from Hellfire Ramparts and Blood Furnace will net you a lot of spell damage, along with other good stats like INT, STR and STA. It’s unfortunate that there is so little in the way of properly geared paladin gear in the pre-expansion gear, esp. for tanks, but that’s the way it is.

  • Between the two previous commenters above that covers it.

    Why anyone would tell you to remove Consecration from your Hot Key bar is beyond me in understand how a pally tank. Yeah keep it there.

    You need time to be the first and time to establish aggro on the mob before anyone elses do and hopefully everyone is targetting the same thing or otherwise its messy.

    I never got spell damage gear or what i really call much better gear than when i headed to Outland recently and withing 1-2 hours of been in HelLFire you can just about replace and get much better gear.