This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

A Peninsula should have fish.. right?

Gold flows like water in the outlands.. or so I’ve been told…

Got to thinking.. is there any fishing in Hellfire Peninsula? I don’t think I’ve seen any water yet. Hmmm.

Not that Tatia’s going to fish it.. she’s still at 22/75 fishing. Someday I’ll work on that.

[Edited to add:]
When we were clearing the pools of Aggromar I asked if the pools were fishable on Venti. Grimr fished for a little while and did manage to catch something.. it was some kind of Fel Fish.. uncookable and poisonous.

So Yes, HFP has a fishing hole.. but NO, you wouldn’t want to eat what comes out of it.

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3 comments to A Peninsula should have fish.. right?

  • You fish in Zangarmarsh, Nagrand, & Terrorkar.

  • I’m thinking HellFire Peninsular if its really a HellFire region should just be too HOT for fish to survive. Water evaporates.

  • [lore]Technically it used to be a peninsula surrounded by water on three sides (north, east and south). Then Draenor got blown up by the actions of Ner’zhul shortly after the Second War, during the Alliance’s incursions into Draenor. Due to said explosion destroying most of Draenor, most of the water was scattered into the Great Beyond. Thus while it previously was a normal peninsula surrounded by water now it’s not so much of one unless you consider the emptiness of space a adequate replacement for water.[lore]