This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Armory Upgrade

I was only able to get on for a little bit last night (only long enough to post some auctions and fly to Stormwind) then I got disconnected and couldn’t log back in (Authentication Errors). After a while I gave up.

This morning I find out that they upgraded the Armory.. and boy howdy, is it ever an upgrade(even if it only seems to work in Internet Explorer (boo hiss)). I think it’s Blizzard’s way of showing me how to spend all my time.

Now in the Armory when you mouse over one of your armor bits it allows you to click-through and see a list of armor that is -nearly- level appropriate.. that would be an upgrade. Yeesh, suddenly it’s really easy to see where I should be spending my time acquiring new armor bits.

The question I have is: Is it worth it? Is it really worth the time/effort to run Ramparts repeatedly to get Omor to drop his nifty gloves.. or would my time be better spent questing in HFP to level beyond Omor’s gloves? I’m thinking the later. I can see this being spiffy keen when I hit 70.. but until then.. it’s nice but not game-changing.

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5 comments to Armory Upgrade

  • I’d say it would be a real good addition for twinks as they care more about the equipment at each level than getting to that next level. It would also be useful to people like me who are more casual (even though I’m a hard core gamer, I just don’t have the time to play hard core anymore.. damn.. does that mean I loose my status?!)

  • It’s handy if you have a green and want to find a blue that can replace it. But, even at 70 it sort of sucks… you get a slew of epics from uber raiding zones thrown at you… as if I already didn’t know those were upgrades! heh

  • Is it worth it at your level? Not really. Is it worth it at 70 to use this tool to find upgrades, since at 70 your only method of progression is gear? Absolutely. I would say, again, that this is a tool made to appeal to the 68+ crowd. Can lower levels use it? Definitely. It gives you a quick method to check where potential upgrades are allowing you to bypass hours of searching and comparing on other sites like WoWHead. But I think, and have always thought that you’re best off going for higher levels pre-level cap. You will get larger boosts of power from doing standard quests for their rewards and XP than you will for doing 5-mans until you go mad.

  • Nibuca

    Jonathon wrote:
    damn.. does that mean I loose my status?!

    Nah.. you’re casual if you say you’re casual.

    Speaking of which.. if you play 2 hours every night of the week (that’s 10 hours just on weeknights) you’re uber casual. If you practiced tennis for 10 hours a week you’d be a tennis pro. Just goes to show the difference in perception.

  • Just an addition to the post about being hardcore or casual, check out this thread I did over on Subcreation:

    Basically I asked where’s the line between casual and hardcore, and the answer I believe (before I even read this) is that being hardcore or casual has nothing to do with the amount of hours you spend playing, but how you spend your time associated with that game. Look for the first post by Bovinity to see what I consider to be close to the “right answer” (but that’s just my feeling).