This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Plodding towards 70

I turned in my quest in Stormwind (for the pally quest and from UBRS) and then went to Wintersprings. While fighting my way into the transporter (blue transporter in cave that transports you to the top of the mountain for quest turn ins) I ran into a 70 Druid going the same direction. He agreed to let me group with him (good thing too.. I was planning to just die alot.. this made it much easier). I got to play healer for him as he tore up the blue dragon thingies in the cave. The fight with the last 60 Elite dragon was a bit dicey. We did end up getting him.. but it was close. Transported to the top of the mountain, turned in two quests and then she batted me away.. or at least further up the mountain. The game then teleported me to the Plaguelands and dropped me in the lake (I read about people dying when the teleport ended because the lake hadn’t rendered yet and they just went splat on the dry lakebed. That made me laugh. I’m aweful).

Wandered north in Plaguelands and turned in the quest upstairs in the only standing inn in the undead town. Got two more quests to make chromatic armor. Not sure if I need to do them.

Hearthed back to Shattrath and flew off to Honor Hold. I had a quest to kill voidwakers and found them to be not too terribly difficult. They were right next to the Ravagers so I killed them a while for their meat (I’m still skilling up cooking.. and I’m also about to run out of food). I killed ravagers until I had 20 ravager flesh. They were also giving me about 1000 xp per kill. Then I ran off and killed Buzzards for their wings. Turned in both those quest (voidwalker & buzzard wings) for a nice bit of XP and a trinket I think I’ll relegate to my healing set (unless I find something else more appropriate). The trinket’s USE reduces my threat. I’m not seeing that as terribly useful so hopefully I’ll find something better. (Not being able to change trinkets during combat really makes them a lot less useful).

The horde possessed all three towers so I flagged pvp and went off to see if I could take them back. Unfortunately I was bugged and couldn’t get the timer (even though I was standing flagged by the flag). Ah well, maybe next time.

For the first time in a very long time I changed my hearth. I moved it to the Honor Hold Inn. I figured that’s close enough to Shattrath (and the Azeroth portals) for end-of-the-night visits to AH but closer to current questing for the beginning of the night.

The quest for the Shattrath city tour finally opened up for me. I finished the tour but didn’t yet choose a faction. As I mentioned before, Draenei are automatically friendly with Aldor (and get stomped into smudges of blood and gristle when confronted with Scryer guards) even without choosing a faction. Scryers have a nifty enchanting trainer and my “uncrushable pre-kara” list requires that I have Scryer Exalted for the shoulder enchants so I guess I’m leaning towards Scryer but still hate to commit.

I did a little finagling on the AH and am currently sitting at 85g. Not bad considering I was at 9g two days ago. Only 10 of the 85 is from questing in the Outlands. The rest is from AH stuff. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to do the Pally mount quest sometime next week.

Ended the night in Ironforge with a quick AH scan.

I need to remember to buy the mats for new shield spikes. Since I upgraded my shield I’ve been without spikes.. I miss that extra 20-30 damage with each block.

I’m at 294 enchanting… I need to get one more point so I’m at 295 and then do my last visit to Annora in Uldaman to get all of her recipes. About darn time.

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3 comments to Plodding towards 70

  • Have you double checked with the enchanting trainer in Outlands? At the very least the Jewelcrafting trainer teaches stuff pre-300 so that rule might apply to all professions. :)

    Also, if you pick Scryers you will get a huge boost in reputation that will push you up to friendly (or at least neutral) with Scryers. ^^

  • Nibuca

    The enchanting trainer at Honor Hold only teaches 300+ enchanting recipes(though he did train me to allow me to extend my limit to 370). Scryer enchanting trainer has been out of my reach (since I’m friendly with Aldor)(the whole “stomping into smudge” thing) so I don’t know what’s offered there.

    I think currently I’m 600 friendly with Aldor and Scryer doesn’t even show on my reputation tab. I’m 90% certain I’ll choose Scryer.

    The good news is that I’m pretty certain I can solo to Annora at my level (haven’t tried it yet). :)

  • Go with Scryer, if I remember right they have some nice tankish gloves in a ‘hardcore’ Black & Red design, I think they also have a few other neat things. Yeah… in short, just go with Scryer (They’re harder to level, even for Horde! But, you’re an enchanter, so you can train in Shath too!)