This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.


Weirdly unproductive in WoW yesterday. I logged on intending to scan the AH, make some money, and then go questing near Honor Hold. The scan went well but when I went to “make some money” I couldn’t find anything on AH worth buying. After a bit I gave up and transported to Honor Hold to do some questing.

All three points were possessed by Horde so I hopped on my pally pony and ran off to repossess them. I arrived at the first point, flagged pvp and then proceeded to wait. About 10 seconds after the point flipped to neutral a Horde Paladin dropped out of the sky and proceeded to make mince meat out of me. He was level “skull” so I assume that made him 70. He of course killed me.

I rezzed.. and then went back (what kind of pathetic PVPer would I be if I gave up after the first try?)(don’t answer that.. I suck at PVP.. and I only attempted the quest because it looked like there would be no opposition). I waited and waited and waited.. No Hordie. The flag flipped to Alliance. Go me.

Immediately I went to the Stadium. Wait, Wait, Wait, Hordie Pally drops from the sky and Tatia runs like a scared little bunny. About 1 minute later I went back in.. wait wait wait, flag flips to Alliance (outstanding! Two of three quest objectives completed).

Ran off to overlook point. Wait, wait, wait anxiously scanning the sky.. I about had a heart attack when Sibiy showed up on her new Griffen (yes, Sibiy hit 70 before I even hit 61). Wait, wait, wait, flag flips to Alliance. YEAH ME!

Run south on Elekk turn in quest and then sit in HH waiting for PVP flag to wear off while eating dinner.

After dinner I decided it was high time to get started on all these Hellfire Peninsula quests in my log (I mean really! Tatia should have at least been 62 before Sibiy hit 70 *sigh*). “Fel Spirits” was the top on my list so I ran off intending to kill Berserker. On the way to the Berserker I aggro’ed a Hellboar (which btw is a demon. Exorcism FTW). I didn’t want to fight my first Berserker (an unknown) while also fighting a Hellboar so I stopped to kill the Hellboar.

Seal of Light, Judgement, Seal of Wisdom, *Whiff* *Whiff* *whiff*. What the hell? It took me a while.. I’m sitting there thinking, “man, this is taking a long time.. this must be an uber-elite hellboar”… then it dawned on me.. I was doing poorly.. but almost every swing was increasing my skill with one-handed mace. /facepalm

When we ran Ramparts I’d won a mace.. which was better than the sword I’d been using. After the run I’d cleaned up my outfits.. equipped the mace and disenchanted the sword. Completely without checking my mace skill. So here I was.. surrounded by equal level mobs.. whiffing my mace at them. I think I started out below 100 *gulp* Killing one boar got me into the red-zone on life.. and that was with using up all my mana, and a bubble-bandage. *grumble*

Revision of plan. Instead of killing Beserkers (an unknown) or boars (kicking my ass) I’d instead go back to Azeroth and work up weapon skill (remembering finally that I also had a new two-handed mace I needed to work up).

I’ve never had to do this before.. What I wanted was a “you can’t hurt me” fast hitting non-caster mob that I could whale on for a while. The only ones I could think of were the uber-tasty dual wielding ogres in Tanaris.. but that was -so- far away (fly to Shatt, port to Darn, fly to Tanaris, ride to ogres. A good 20 minute jaunt). I rattled through mobs in my head.. Winterspring mobs were probably too high level, Furbolgs for Timbermaw would be a good choice since I still needed Timbermaw rep.. but I really hate to have to deal with their curse while also dealing with not being able to hit them. I honestly couldn’t think of anything else.. completely drew a blank.

The I remembers reading something where someone said he worked up weapon skill by running lowbies through Deadmines. I didn’t have a lowbie to run through.. but I’d never soloed Deadmines… So I ran off to Westfall. Turns out even with pathetic weapon skill, while wielding a two-hander(!) Deadmines is cake simple at 60. Running a lowbie through would have been better though.. if only for the loot monkey aspect. My bags filled up fast.. and at Tatia’s level it was all crap.

While I was in Deadmines Fiancee decided to work up his Enchanging. His hunter is 62 and his enchanting was at 22. By the time I was done with Deadmines he was ready to go visit Annora. As luck would have it, I had just recently hit 295 enchanting so I knew I could get all of Annora’s recipes (and never have to go back).

So we wandered off to Uldaman.. and by entering the backdoor had only a few mobs to kill before getting to Annora.

Tatia’s enchanting is at 295/375, she has all of Annora’s recipes and she’s now aligned with Scryer(Hated by Aldor, Neutral to Scryer).
One-handed mace is at 280/300.
Two-handed mace is at 284/300.

So I guess it was productive.. it just doesn’t feel that way.

I was able to get all of Annora’s Recipes.. and Fiancee was able to get to 252 enchanting. Hearthed back to Honor Hold.. and then remembered that I had put all of my HFP quest objects into the bank to clear out bag space. I also had quite a few things I wanted to throw on AH. So fly to Shat, port to Ironforge. Play in bank and AH.. log off.

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2 comments to *Whiff*

  • Weapon Training is a bit easier in some places… at least in Outland, but you can’t access those places atm unfortunately. As a Horde I always heard doing a run through Ragefire Chasm works so… yeah good call in Dead Mines.

  • Klokwerk

    I’ve got something that’s even easier, if a lot more boring: the rats in the Deeprun Tram. I know what you’re going to say “They’re critters, no way I could level my weapons off of them.” I stuck with a very short range of weapons through 60, mostly


    So when I got to Outland and started getting fantastic greens that I had no weapon skill with, I was at a loss. Then a friend of mine suggested the Tram. I said the same thing. Lo and behold, a few hours later I was 290+ in fist weapons, daggers, 2h maces, polearms, bows and throwing weapons. Just go buy the crappiest grey or white item a nearby vendor will sell you and start swinging (or shooting :P ).

    And just so you know, the respawn rate on the rats is so fast you’ll never have to wait.