This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

“Need more mana…”

So let’s say.. you’re fighting a Hellboar.. and you neglected to notice that your weapon skill is abysmal. So the fight is taking WAY longer than it should. You’ve got Seal of Wisdom up on yourself.. and Judgement of Wisdom up on the Hellboar… You’ve already bubble/bandaged and your mana potion is on cooldown (you quaffed a mana potion a little bit ago in order to bubble).

What do you do?

Are there any other things that you can do during combat that don’t share a cooldown with the mana potions? What are they and where do they come from?

[Edited to add: ]
[Crystalized Mana Residue] Restores 60 mana. (Eversong Woods)
[Condensed Mana Powder] Restores 100 mana. (Ghostlands)
[Razorlash Root] Restores 600 health and mana over 10 sec. (from Maraudon)
[item]Night Dragon’s Breath[/item] Restores 394 to 456 mana and 394 to 456 health. (from Felwood see below)
[Demonic Rune] Restores 900 to 1500 mana at the cost of 600 to 1000 life. (from Jadefire in Felwood)
[Dark Rune] Restores 900 to 1500 mana at the cost of 600 to 1000 life. (Dropped in Scholomance)

Gathering Night Dragon’s Breath

There are 4 Plants scattered around Felwood, each with a 25 minute cooldown before they can be farmed again. Each farm per plant will give you 4-7 Night Dragons. In my opinion, 2000-3500 mana restoration for free is something that cannot be missed. However, plants will Despawn from time to time, and if not cleansed, must be cleansed before farming commences.
See: Cleansing Felwood , for information on obtaining your Cenarion Beacon –
This works in the similar fashion to the Argent Dawn commisions. Upon collecting the various hand in’s, you can return them in exchange for plant salves. These will cleanse the Night Dragons for you. The great thing about farming these hand in’s is they fall from all mobs in felwood.
This is great if you are also farming Demonic Rune; To make the farming of Night Dragon’s even easier, I suggest you download Felwood Gatherer:

This displays your cooldowns, and alerts you at 5 minute and 1 minute Intervals when the plants will spawn. You must farm the plant to begin a successful countdown.

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1 comment to “Need more mana…”

  • blessing of wisdom ftw… and then just seal & judg and hope for the best. :o

    Usually you can scrape by, even if you seal of light & judg of wisdom or vice versa, then bubble & bandage. Luckily, hellboars don’t have any magic so you can BoP after a minute and re-bandage. In short though… I think most mana related things have started sharing cooldowns.