This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Warlock, the anti-paladin

On horde-side, my Paladin Illyah (29 Protection) does Alchemy and Enchanting. She started out doing Alchemy and Herbalism but I found that when running with a guild group.. the constant “must stop to pick the pretty flowers” got really annoying. So I decided I’d have an alt do the Herbalism and have Illyah do enchanting instead. A completely rational decision.. except that I first made another paladin as an alt. The benefit of the Paladin is that I know how to play them.. and they solo well. The drawback is that someday I hope to hit 70.. and having two horde-side paladins at 70 is kinda boring. So I decided to make a new flower-picker alt.

Enter Entrøpy the warlock. (As in “Entropy always wins”) (Technically first there was Ãsh but guildies had problems sending her mail.. so deleted Ãsh and created Entrøpy). Friday and Saturday saw Entrøpy up to level 17.

On Saturday I felt it was only fair to play Ette (Gnome Warlock) up to 17 to match Entropy.

I’m loving the warlock. At one point it was: send pet to target 1, dot, dot, dot, send pet to next target (with target 1 still chasing pet), dot target 2, loot target 1, dot, dot, send pet to next target (with target 2 still chasing pet). I left a line of about 10 dead bodies. Had tons of fun doing it.

Benefits over Paladin:
– Mad DPS machine!
– Never out of mana (unless I’m dead) (made even better by the BE racial skills)
– Only buff is on self (unless swimming)
– Only heal is on pet (who doesn’t complain if it goes off late)
– You can kill things even after you’re dead (though the being dead part sucks)

Draw backs over Paladins:
– If pet dies it’s hard to live long
– Soul Shards suck up tons of bag space
– Cannot buff others.. very self-serving class
– Taking on more than two critters can get very dicey
– Drain life/Life funnel only sends a trickle of life. Not really an uber heal.. more of a top-off.

Break even with Paladin:
– Demon shield gives health trickle.. which can be used for mana.. so is like Blessing of Wisdom
– Sacrafice Voidwalker to get bubble.. though I think Warlock bubble lasts longer and doesn’t give a 1 minute debuff.

I’m not saying that I’m abandoning Tatia and Illyah.. but it is very nice to play something COMPLETELY different.

On the Warlock I spend most of my time waiting for cooldowns to end. On Paladin I spend most of my time guaging how much mana I have and budgeting so I don’t run out by the end of the fight.

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