This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.


Tradeskills musical chairs (and playing of alts) is really a form of avoidance not unlike ironing.

I hate to iron. It’s a hateful chore. I’ve in fact setup my closet to have the least amount of cotton/linen so that I can avoid ironing. Ironing is the -last- thing I will ever do. When I catch myself ironing I usually have to ask myself what horrible aweful thing it is that I’m avoiding.

Skilling up tradeskills is kind of the same thing. It’s boring and tedious.. and in most cases, unnecessary.. so why was I doing it on three toons?

I’ve hit a .. situation. Tatia is a protection spec’d paladin. I thought this would make her a bright shining knight-like being of awesomeness. Instead she hits like a wet noodle.. and unless she goes out of her way (blows lots of mana, blows lots of cooldowns), she looses aggro to every other toon. When she doesn’t lose aggro she runs out of mana.. so every fight is followed by eating and drinking thus slowing down questing further. Questing alone is a bit boring.. and questing with others is a continual exercise in “see, you suck”.

I still hold onto hope. Hopefully 70 will be better.

While questing with Fiancee’s hunter in Zangarmarsh I finally gave up the aggro fight and just conceded that his pet was going to have aggro. Instead I switched to my big two-hander and *SMASHED* things. It was lots of fun.. up until Fiancee decided that we were going to do a big huge pull and AOE them down. He forgot to tell me we were doing a big pull.. so it wasn’t until I was down to half life that I switched back to sword/board to AOE them. COMMUNICATION sweetie, it’s the cornerstone of a good relationship.

Tatia hit 62 yesterday. She’s completed all but the Overlord quest in Hellfire Peninsula and has completed all of the first-step quests in Zangarmarsh. She’s half way to 63.

I’ll keep plugging along.. but I will also be interleaving Tatia time with (someone else) time. I have to.

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4 comments to Avoidance

  • haha, don’t go wussing out on us paladins just yet. :p

    It’s honestly a gear situation I’m sure, or you’re running with people above your level. Pile on Spell Damage gear and AoE stuff down. Technically you won’t be running out of mana if you have a healer to give it back to you via spiritual attunement. In general though you’ll NEVER have big hits unless you spec retribution, or maybe some sort of Prot/Ret hybrid. All of your aggro will come from holy damage, so boost it as much as you possibly can.

  • Side-Note: Also, avoid warrior gear at all costs if you can, or try to mix it up with a good chunk of paladin & warrior pieces, if you go full brown valor you’ll have no mana if you go full blue lightforge you’ll have no DEF… seems like a sucky situation, but eventually the REAL paladin tanking gear will appear in your final set.

  • Nibuca

    I wouldn’t call it “wussing out” more “mediating frustration by spreading time across multiple characters”.

    Up to now I’ve focused on “whatever falls in my lap”. I figure (hopefully) I’ll be at 70 soon enough to focus on gear.

    Last night was better. Will write about it later today.

  • gt

    I love Protadin for AoE grinding fields of mobs… however pairing up with a Hunter for questing in Hellfire has just about robbed me of my wits. The Overlord quest just appeared on my quest log too.