This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Furies and Fungi

Tatia trundled around Zangarmarsh some more.

At the beginning of the night, while I was hanging out in Ironforge, fiancee asked me how much the Duece and Five of Furies sold for. I looked them up but the five wasn’t on AH. So I opened a webbrowser to and looked it up there. Then I looked up what it did on Thottbot.

[Furies Deck] turns in at Darkmoon fair for the [Darkmoon Card: Vengeance]. O_o. +51 stam and 10% chance when hit with by a harmful attack or spell to deal 95 to 115 holy damage from attacker. Sounds like a card made for Paladins. So I asked Fiancee what he wanted for the cards… We haggled for a while and finally agreed that I’d take over his debt to another friend. So I now owe 150g to someone else. Not bad all things considered.

About 10 minutes later fiancee started laughing. Turns out someone he PUGs with regularly was looking for the Five of Furies. In fact it looked like he had all of the cards except for the five. Hmmm. So fiancee had his friend talk to me.. and we haggled. At the end I sent him the card and he’s sending me 150g. So.. I can either pay off my purchased debt.. or go pay for the first part of my epic pally pony quest. I’m so conflicted. I still have the two of furies (and fiancee has promised to give me any other furies he gets). I’ll keep looking for the rest.

Tatia’s finally stumbled upon the Sporeggar (she’s been getting reputation with them for a while so it’s about darned time she met them). They have the [Petrified Lichen Guard] shield (lvl 62, poisons when it blocks (requires Honored with Sporeggar)). MMMM poisoning shield + shield spikes.

Among her other quests, Tatia was sent to collect [Discarded Nutriment]. They look like little dropped mushrooms.. but fiancee says it’s just a fancy word for poop. Lovely. I’m a big tough adventurer.. collecting poop. Finacee went on to say that this was just the first of many poop-collection quests. Just freaking lovely.

I skirted a bunch of Ogres to find the other flight point in Zangarmarsh. It seems to be Aldar-associated so most of the people at that flight point wouldn’t talk to me. I wonder.. when I actually start building Scryer rep are they going to attack me? [Correction: Kurenai-associated, once I hit neutral they were all chatty with tons of new quests.]

Saw my first Kurenai.. and was reminded that I want the Talbuk mount. Must look up best way to build that reputation. [By doing their quests..duh. Sometime I amaze me when I look back over these entries. See also: Kurenai on WowWiki]

Pretty pretty:
[Ethereum Phase Blade]
[Ethereum Phase-Spear]

Vendor items.. can’t use until level 66.. and would have to have someone with flying mount to go buy them.. but they’re BOE… Fiancee has flying mount ;)

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5 comments to Furies and Fungi

  • Blackheart

    Ah…the poop quests. Wait till you get the quest that causes a Barf-o-rama, blizz’s words not mine.

    As for the Ethereum weapons, you don’t need a flying mount. If they are the ones I am thinking of, they are sold by the Exotic Arms Dealer in Stormspire. At 66, just ride up there. Mind you it is a long ride and you need to watch your agro, but it’s do-able at 66. My rogue did it for the fist weapon he sells.

  • Saw my first Kuraini.. and was reminded that I want the Talbuk mount. Must look up best way to build that reputation.

    First do all the quests in Orebor Harborage. If you get them all, that should put you around late neutral to early friendly with the Kurenai.

    After that, you won’t hit up Kurenai rep again until you reach Nagrand in Telaar. There are a ton of quests for the Kurenai there. A few of them might be hard to find. First there’s one quest item dropped from the Broken riding around on their mounts. Second one is one of the Broken being beaten in the enemy town just west of Halaar. Look inside each of the buildings to find him, and then he’ll give you an easy escort quest.

  • Also, Orebor Harborage is a Kurenai base. They begin as unfriendly, with only one of them being willing to give you quests. His chain of quests will get you to Neutral, at which point everyone else will give you quests.

    And in a related note, yes the Aldor (at least the ones outside of Shattrath) will attack you once you’re hostile or hated by them. In town it is “Sanctuary” which means no attacking, not even on PvP servers. Kinda like how it was forbidden for the immortals on Highlander to kill on Holy Ground. :)

  • Gamermommy

    Hmmmm, so this is what I get to look forward to? Poop!

  • Yah, the new card trinkets are fun, the Lunacy one might be fun to eventually get, I heard it makes you /s THIS IS MADNESS randomly when the proc goes off, fun stuff.

    I’ll have to wait till the hype dies down though, cards are expensive on my server.