This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Pally Pony

So training at 60 drained my coffers. I’ll admit it, I’d been kind of lazy about accumulating money. Fiancee gives me hell when I’m playing in the Auction House for an hour (making money) instead of questing/grinding. So when I hit 60 I only had 80g (and a bunch of enchanting mats/skins in the bank). Fiancee bought 3 [Large Brilliant Shard] from me for 20g. So that gave me 100g to start with. Training took me down to 9g. Then the Pally trainer gave me the pally pony quest. Research shows that Tatia needed ~300g to complete the quest.

Research also showed that the quest was a PITA.

I dinged 60 on 6/4 and was finally able to complete the pally pony quests last night 6/24. So that’s ~150g accumulated a week (accumulated, not gained. I made a lot more gold.. but had to buy bank slots/bags/potions etc. So after day-to-day expenses, 150g/week).

Total Pally Pony costs:
Must be at least friendly with Argent Dawn.

300 gold
60 gold (6 arcanite bars)(donated by a guildie)
? gold (10 Arathas tears)(donated by a guildie)
54 gold (50g bribe + 4 g for enriched mana biscuits)(for fancy horse feed)
? gold (Pristine Black Diamond)(Fiancee picked up one of these for me on a stealth run)
30 gold (Azerothian Diamond)

Baddies killed:
25 Terrordale Spirits
tons of stuff in Stratholme (including the Baron)
All the Ironbark Protector patrols in Dire Maul West
Tendris Warpwood
Tons of spirits
Death Knight Darkreaver

Instances run:
– Stratholme
– Dire Maul West
– Scholomance

It turns out.. that the Paladin must redeem the soul of a poor innocent pony whose paladin rider had been corrupted by the Lich King into become a Death Knight (Death Knight Darkreaver) (So I guess “death knight” as a spec tree is probably out of the question). This poor pony had been dragged down by his rider into be coming an undead horse. My job, as an upstanding warrior of the light, was to defeat the Death Knight (and all the tons of baddies that came before him) in order to retrieve my pony’s soul and redeem it into a pony of the light.

Obligatory screenshot coming once I get home and upload it :)

Oh, I also had accumulated enough gold to pay back my debt. So Tatia is out of debt and has a new sweet ride. Greatly looking forward to next ride… 900g and a flying mount. Not so hard.

Heck, considering how freaking slow I’m leveling I should have the gold before I hit 70.

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2 comments to Pally Pony

  • Galoheart

    Funn that even in WoW one can owe people money or gold i should say to repay debt. Nice you got your fast pony now. Will be faster with crusader aura and more fun.

  • The Horde quest is a million times easier for once. I walk into Stratholme, burn down that little chapel right by the entrance, and then kill some paladins (soloable by a level 70), and then leave. Tahdah! I have an epic mount! I still have to fork over all the money and stuff you do I’m sure, but it’s nowhere near as instance intensive and it’s easily soloable.