This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Time sink

Why do so many WoW Blog posts start with an apology? “I was busy so didn’t log in until late”, “We went out to a movie so didn’t play all weekend”, “My dog ate my mousepad”.

I do not apologize! On Sunday we went to a barbeque. We made chip dip, grilled hamburgers and watched some silly movie about penguin sex (The Farce of the Penguins). We did end up discussing WoW for a bit since we did have a couple players there.. but it was in an almost hushed tone.. so as not to annoy the no-WoWers.

Fiancee did give me hell for not hitting 70 yet. In thinking about it I’ve decided to tell him to bugger off. I play Tatia when I can play Tatia.

Weekly Schedule:
– Monday: West Kindgom guild night. Either instances with WK folks or leveling Tatia either in a group or alone.
– Tuesday: Standing get-together at my house with friends. They stay until 11PM ish.. so limited play time after that. Usually limited to putting up auctions to make money.
– Wednesday: Standing get-together at a friend’s house. We stay there until 11PM ish.. so limited play time after that. Usually limited to checking mail and gloating about profits from Tuesday’s sales.
– Thursday: Free night.. somewhat. Bawk Bawk is on Friday.. so I try on Thursday to log onto Illyah and make potions for Friday. Also spend time leveling up Entropy so she can pick flowers for Illyah. Also play Ette. Loving the warlock.
– Friday: Bawk Bawk guild night (if we’re in town). Usually lasts until 11PM ish.

We go camping a lot from March until October (we play in the SCA) so about half of the time we’re out of town Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

When we’re in town.. there’s house cleaning, dinner out, yard work, all of which needs to get done. Sometimes there are full uninterrupted days of WoW.

So really, in a normal week.. I have exactly 1 day solely dedicated to play Tatia with the purpose of leveling.

That said.. I have Wednesday and Friday off of work this week.. I’m going to try to ignore everything else and solely play Tatia (at least during the day). She’s at 64 now and just got Seal of Vengeance. Looking forward to trying that out.

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  • Vyaaren

    Just wanted to say sorry for not commenting for a little while – still enjoying the blog :)