This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Moving on…

The apology:
I ended up staying later at work than intended. Someone caused the database to blow up and I had to un-blow-it-up. (a little sad when little ol’ me is the critical linch-pin in fixing the mission critical database for a multi-million dollar company) (just sayin’)

When I finally got on West kingdom was running through Nagrand quests. Since I’m now Scryer I could not use the ever-so-convenient backdoor from the Aldor tier to Nagrand. No one bothered mentioning the easy path from Zangarmarsh to Nagrand so I instead ran through Terorkar Forest. It wasn’t too difficult… just long.

Guildie has suggested that I skip Terorkar and jump right into Nagrand. According to him there’s some kind of rep that it’s better to get by running instances.. and -then- do Terorkar quests.. must do more research on this.

Nagrand is interesting.. Rollng green hills… lots of non-aggressive beasties.. Nestingwary Sr., Snakes on a Plane. As a guild we blazed through several of the Nestingwary quests. Talbuks, bird thingies, big skinnable creatuers. I must have picked up 80-100 skins.. and that was even with competing with someone else for the skinning. Eventually everyone else declared that they were tired and logged off. I looked at my quest log and decided I should knock out the final quests in my log for Zangarmarsh.

Flew off to the marsh, killed thrashers, Terrorclaw, and gathered boxes of mushrooms. Had a moment of absolute glee when I realized the Ogre Maulers were fast-hitting dual wielders. If the area didn’t have so many casters I’d go back there and just grind on the Maulers. Even with the casters it wasn’t too bad.

So as it stands, I’ve completed all of the regular Zangarmarsh quests. I still need to do Underbog and Coilfang.. but those are waiting for a good group (as is Ramparts and Blood Furnace). Moving onto Nagrand. MMM and a Talbuk mount.

Looking at Kurenai reputation.. it looks like you need to do all the Zangarmarsh quest.. then all the Nagrand quests.. then kill beasties.. no real strategy since any of them can be done at any time to get to any level. The only thing that requires some strategy is your treatment of the Warbeads.

You have to kill Ogres to get warbeads. The warbeads can be turned in for Kurenai reputation or Consortium reputation.

Since I don’t think I care about Consortium reputation I will probably just use the beads to complete the Kurenai reputation. But if you care, you need to use more careful planning.

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1 comment to Moving on…

  • My anti-spam word was ‘lowbie’, wow, how insulting to me. :O

    Anyway, 2 quick things:

    #1. All areas are able to get rep quicker (In Zangar, Hellfire, and Terrorkar) if you run the instances non-stop and THEN quest afterwards. I was 67 by the time I left Zangarmarsh, it was awesome. The same is true with Consortium (run Mana Tombs).

    #2. Consortium = Monthly Free Gems = Free Money