This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

My first DoT

Level 64 gave Tatia “Seal of Vengeance”. Experimentation shows that it’s a whole new critter in the seals.

Tatia puts up Seal of Vengeance.
Tatia starts hitting baddie.
Baddie gets a debuff (can’t remember the name at the moment) that causes 120 damage over 12 seconds (in 3 second chunks ie, 30 damage every 3 seconds). The debuff stacks up to 5 times (so then it’s 150 damage every 3 seconds).
If you Judge Seal of Vengeance it hits the baddie for 120 x number of debuffs (ie a max of 600 damage). Judgeing Vengeance does not make the stack go away.
The debuff can exist side-by-side with a judged seal. So you can have Judgment of Wisdom on the baddie and a stack of Vengeance debuffs.

This still requires more thinking.

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4 comments to My first DoT

  • /gasp now it’s noob! I do like the fact they’re WoW oriented words though, lol.

    Anyway, I’m jealous of Vengeance, if you’re a spell damage build that stuff cranks out the hardcore awesomeness DPS from what I hear. Unfortunately, Seal of Blood is nowhere near as good, it’s more of a Retribution/semi-Prot type of thing.

  • Nibuca

    :) I use WordPress.. and was getting a lot of spam. The first plugin I found allowed me to specify the anti-spam words (much more helpful than the line-noise you usually see). The only limitation is that I could only use words of less than 8 characters.

    I had fun picking the words out :)

  • First off, the debuff is called Holy Vengeance. Unfortunately not many people know it’s name so it’s safer to just call it Seal of Vengeance.

    Primary Warning: SoV is on a 20 Proc Per Minute (PPM) system. If you’re unclear on how a PPM system works, it takes the amount of PPMs and divides that number by the amount of times you swing in a minute. The result of that is the percent chance per swing you will proc your effect. This % chance does not take into account attack speed increasing effects like Reckoning or attack haste on gear.

    I gave this warning because if you have too fast of a weapon, Holy Vengeance has a chance of not re-proccing and falling off, meaning you have to build up the effect again from scratch. Now, a quick bit of math off the top of someone’s head will tell you that to get a 100% proc chance on SoV you need a 3.0 speed weapon or slower. Maybe this is just me, but I don’t know too many good tanking weapons that are that slow.

    As a result, SoV can be good (it’s got the best threat generation for it’s cost and the judgment effect is one of the best out there for damage when you have Holy Vengeance stacked to 5), but if it falls off frequently it loses a lot of it’s value.

  • I like using SOV on mobs that stun me (like Clefthoof Bulls in Nagrand)—I’ll crank out JOTC, stack up SOV debuff and judge it when it’s at 5. I run Ret Aura and I spam LVL1 Consecration too when it’s up, that way even if I’m stunned I’m still doing “DOT” damage, my time’s not wasted. 5/5 Reckoning also makes stacking SOV a breeze.