This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Bombing Haala

On Friday the Horde took over control of Haala. I’m fairly clueless about PVP … and asside from noticing that the Haala seller will sell you a Talbuk mount, I’ve pretty much ignored it.

While questing in Nagrand with Fiancee and “Lazy Slacker” I said that I was all done with all of the quests except for the Consortium quests (which I hadn’t yet picked up). Fiancee said “Hey, all the horde guards at Haala are dead.. You’re not flagged, you should be able to run right through there to get to the Consortium”.

At which point Fiancee and Slacker started discussing the PVP. Along the lines of “Hmm if I see someone flagged I might not be able to resist the urge to kill them.” I mostly ignored it, PVP isn’t my thing. I ran through Haala, they glommed onto a mage and a rogue and proceeded to gank them.

At some point Fiancee mentioned the “roost”. “Hmm, what roost?” I asked. “The bundle of sticks outside of Haala. If you click on them you can ride a wyvern”.

ME.. on a Wyvern? How utterly freaking cool! So I clicked on the sticks.

Just as I appeared on the wyvern Fiancee said: “Oh, you might not want to.. it’ll flag you.” Pfft.

It was a lovely wyvern ride. Two seconds after I got on the Wyvern, Haala flipped over to Alliance controlled.. so I didn’t get to drop any bombs. Then it took me back to the roost.

I mounted up and ran off to consortium.. then the Horde Mage and Rogue Fiancee and Slacker had ganked decided to pick on little ole me. ACK. Death followed. Fiancee did not arrive in time.. and even when he did arrive, mage and rogue ganked him right back.

So there you have it.. my PVP foray for the weekend. The wyvern ride was glorious.

Dinged 65.

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1 comment to Bombing Haala

  • Galoheart

    Gratz on 65. Five more levels and we both get our flying mounts …Woot!

    I suck bad at PVP. I won’t say that i hate PVP, its just that i really never enjoy it. Other people study PVP like a science in WoW so they also have the advantage in knowing how to counter your almost every move. I’m too busy in PVE to do PVP. Yeah i get pwned the few times though. Heck i’ve only ever spend 1hour in the BG total time. Gave me a dam Migrain headache from hell, needless to say i never been back there either. Its good for others though.