This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

“Ure a good tank”

Completed all of the initial quests for the Consortium. As I was sitting in the Consortium courtyard, reviewing my questlog, I realized that I still needed to run Blood Furnace. Luckily there was a group LF tank. So for the first time in a long while, I got to tank for a PUG. We were Tatia (me 65 Pally Tank), Leonitus (62 Warlock), Nadeshiko (63 Priest), Elronkyusu (64 Hunter), Javg (64 Hunter).

It was a good group in that we completed the instance.. and only wiped once (on the big eyeball)(srsly, how do you do a long extended fight like that with no mana break?).

It sucked in that -I- out DPSd both the priest (expected) and Javg, one of the hunters (!?!). HTF am -I- Tatia the Tank supposed to out DPS a freaking hunter. BigRedKitty should take away his hunter card. ALSO, although Elronkyusu out DPSd me.. he was an idiot. He rushed pulls and made me chase critters all over the place.. at one point he declared that if his kitty died one more time he wasn’t going to Rez it anymore(WTF?). When we finally ran back to kill the big eyeball he ran into the room and shot it just as I sat down to drink from buffing everyone. The door slammed shut and he and the other hunter and the warlock had to kill it on their own (they’d locked the priest out in the hall with me). Seriously, “Huntard” was a term invented just for him.

All said and done, the Warlock and the Priest both told me I was a good tank. Yeah me!

After the instance I turned in quests and then finally dinged 66 while killing spiders. YEAH! Four more to go.

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1 comment to “Ure a good tank”

  • Galoheart


    I guess best think that can happen to a Huntard like that is to get locked in the room to fight on his or her own. I guess same along the line if you over aggro it because you like to nuke it as squishy, then you also get to kill it on your own. Always funny stuff to hear about.

    I guess thinking of it. These seem like some of the funniet part of playing WoW, the crap that happens when it happens to make for a good laugh later. It will happen to the best of us all at some given point of time.