This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Alting around

As I said yesterday.. I made 66 on Tatia. It’s hard to get excited to play a toon when you know you’re going to be soloing.. and that you probably won’t get a level. FuBar says it’ll take ~12.5 hours to go to 67 *sigh* That’s about 3-4 days of play. So instead of starting on that trudge, I decided to maximize my rested XP and play an alt instead.

(According to the math I guess I should just muscle through and play Tatia. A day of rest means that I “accumulate” 1/6 of a level’s worth or rest xp. A day of play means that I accumulate ~1/4 of a level (since I normally play about 3 hours). So the better bet is to play.. whatever.. I alt-ed)

Yesterday was Ette’s day. A while back she left the Wetlands in disgust because a quest give wouldn’t give her the “pick up the artifacts” quest. Instead she’s been hanging out in Ashenvale logging in occationally to pick Stranglekelp. This has been a great boost to her herbalism skill. She started out at 90.. and at 147 I finally hearthed back to the wetlands (she also gained a level and a half while picking the kelp so it was time very well spent). (aside from the utter boredom of swimming in very long slow circles killing nagas and picking flowers). (Add to that, Entropy, my horde-side warlock was also doing the same thing. Days and days of naga killing for stranglekelp. UGH)

I have to say the best time to be had was the hit-em and leave-em strategy.. send pet on baddie 1, dot1, dot1, dot1 send pet on baddie 2, dot2, baddie 1 dies, dot2, loot baddie 1, dot2, send pet on baddie 3, dot3, baddie 2 dies, dot3, loot baddie 2, dot3…. It was a non-stop deathathon.

Unfortunately I hearthed back to Wetlands too soon.. I forgot to turn in a quest while I was still in Ashenvale .. so I’ll have to run back soon.

Armed with her new level (25) and a much higher herbalism skill, Ette tore up the Wetlands. Raptors were not match for her, even the big level 29 boss raptor was a piece of cake. After the artifacts and the raptors she went after Giant Wetland Crockalisks, Murlocks (while waiting for the Croc’s to respawn) and Fen Creepers.

Dinged 26, trained Seduction.. and then had to run back out into the wetlands to try it out. Interesting.. bears thinking about.

I have to say.. the thing I’m loving about the Warlock is the never out of mana part. SO NICE!

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1 comment to Alting around

  • Galoheart

    I guess you should use your rest bonus to your advantage when you can.

    Takes the forever out of trying to reach the next level. So the rest bonus makes a huge difference.