This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

I -see- you

As I was about to log off last night my sweetie asked me to look a couple people up in the Armory.

He was in a group with two other guildies. The Guildies made up all of the DPS.. and they’d picked the tank and healer up from /lfg. The problem is that the group was sucking. Massive massive suckage. They’d been trying most of the night to get through an instance and were stuck on the second boss. One of the guildies said that they couldn’t go through a single pull without at least one person dying.

Fiancee suspected that the tank and healer hadn’t been truthful about their specs. He wanted me to check them to make sure they were on the level. It turns out they hadn’t lied about their specs.. but a quick gander at their items started to tell a story.

The tank was a Protection spec’d warrior. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about the Warrior spec tree to be able to tell a good Protection spec from a bad Protection spec. So although he had a majority of his points in that tree I couldn’t tell fiancee if they were well spent. I -could- tell that almost all of his gear could be acquired from AH. This implied to me that he might have recently switched over to Protection from a different spec.. or that he didn’t have much experience in Instances.

The healer was a Holy spec’d Paladin. I may play paladin but I’m untutored in the ways of the Holy tree (hmm sounds kind of narrow minded of me. Guess I should pay more attention)(Honestly I can tell you whether a Protection Pally has a good tree or not.. everything else is greek to me). He had his points in the right places and his items came from a lot of the high-end instances. He was wearing a combination of plate, mail and cloth. I’m pretty biased against clothie wearing pallies.

In the end, Fiancee’s group fizzled. They just didn’t have enough umph.

The Armory has pretty much forced people to be truthful about their spec.. but there’s a big difference between “I’m Protection spec’d and have been level 1-70″ and “I’m Protection spec’d but I was Fury yesterday”.

At least as a paladin, if I went Holy spec tomorrow, I’d suck. It’d read like I bought my toon on EBay. I’ve been Protection up until now.. and suddenly switching to Holy is like starting a whole new toon. ESPECIALLY if I haven’t accumulated the gear for it.

This got me to thinking.. there should be a measure.. something you can look at and say “Ah-hah! He’s a Warrior and has a Combined Avoidance percentage of 28%.. so when you add that to Shield Block he’s at 100% and should be an adequate tank”. I think I need to think more about it.

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