This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

14 day trial of Holy

I really should start off describing Bawk Bawk on Friday (in fact, I should actually have written that on Friday.. but oh well). Instead I’m going to admit my shame.. face it and move on.

I’ve respecced Holy. Yes. There, I’ve admitted it. I’m a priest in plate. My DPS is now officially 0 and my mana pool is huge.

How this came about:
On Saturday we ran Old Hillsbrad. West Kindgom had 5 players who wanted to run it. Most of those players wanted to run their DPS 70 through the instance. Four DPS toons and Tatia the Prot Tank/Healer wasn’t going to work so we decided to run it twice.. and each time through one of the players would switch out his DPS 70 for either a Tank or Healer 70.

For the first run through we were Tatia (67 Prot Pally Healer), Gongniu (70 Warrior Tank), Sibiy (70 Hunter), Knunn (70 Rogue), Raoen (70 Hunter). Even though it was my first time through the instance, we breezed right through it. I ran out of mana a couple of time but luckily they all happened at the end of the fights. The final boss went down with only a minor whimper. It was a thing of beauty.

For the second run we switch out toons. The player for Gongniu (70 Warrior Tank) logged off and Chulong (70 Rogue) was logged on instead. Also the player for Sibiy (70 Hunter) logged off and Baldwyn (70 Prot Pally) was logged on. Since Tatia was spec’d to tank.. and had better gear than Baldwyn (who only recently respecced to Prot from Holy) it was decided that Tatia would tank.

I won’t say that it was horrible.. it was a lot more stressful. I lost aggro alot and required a lot more healing to myself and to the other people picking up the aggro. This ran Baldwyn out of mana alot and we just weren’t able to get the last boss.

So we switched it up and Baldwyn tanked and Tatia healed. Same problem. Prot Pally healing just wasn’t up to the task of healing Prot Pally (facing a single end boss with an icky debuff) all the way through that final fight.

We took a long break (~1hr, had to feed a friend’s cat and get dinner) and during that time fiancee and I discussed the problems. Finally fiancee mentioned that when tanking I seemed a lot more stressed than I did while healing.

I agreed.
– While Healing, if aggro is all over the place it’s the party’s fault. If I run OOM I blame them (and rightly so)
– While Tanking, if aggro is all over, it’s my fault. I screwed up.

I acknowledge that under its current setup, the best spec for a paladin is holy. Knowing that, fiancee asked why I didn’t spec Holy.

My reasons:
– It’s silly to wear plate if you’re going to stand in the back and heal. I refuse to wear cloth/leather/mail.
– While standing in the back and healing I’m contributing NOTHING to DPS. I have no smite/moonfire equivalant.
– I fell in love with the PAOEladin ideal. I’ll be very sad to lose that.
– Holy has a hard time doing solo content.

– Plate allows the healer to take 1-2 hits before dying. This give DPS a little breather they don’t have with the other healers.
– Although fiancee is opposed to it, I still plan to seal/judge where appropriate. Also Holy Shock is avaiable if within 10 yards.
– No response here.
– Fiancee pointed out that I have only 2 more levels to go before 70.. and that even now I rarely play solo.

Fiancee proposed a 14 day trial of Holy. He paid for my respec. I asked around the guild for likely Holy builds. They proposed my current build. I like the holy part but I’m displease with the protection part. I don’t think it’s contributing that much.

I’m tempted to respec again to a Shockadin spec. Not entirely sure.

After my respec we tried Old Hillsbrad again with Baldwyne tanking and we switched out Knunn (70 Rogue) for Krullwyn (68 Hunter)(another guildie who needed this instance). I will say, Old Hillsbrad with three hunters and two pallies is .. interesting ;) . We were able to complete it. It was still a little more painful than it was with Gongniu tanking. But it was highly doable. I dinged 68 just before we started on the last boss.

After Old Hillsbrad we made a couple of attempts on Black Morass. The group was: Tatia (68 Holy Pally), Gongniu (70 Warrior Tank), Sibiy (70 Hunter), Raoen (70 Hunter), Krullwyn (68 Hunter). None of us had been there.. so even though fiancee coached us through it, we didn’t understand it so we wiped the first time. The second time was a little bit better but the hunters had a bit of problem with the adds.. and I was slow getting to the next portal.. so one of the hunters died and then the tank died. It was late enough at night that we decided to give it up until guild night.

I’m not in Denial.. but I am in mourning for Holy Shield, Blessing of Sanctuary and Blessing of Kings. May they rest in peace.

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