This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Revered – Keepers of Time (check)

West Kingdom guild night. No set plan (the events coordinator (that’s me) went on vacation and forgot to plan anything (oops)). It all worked out though.

Shoktul logged on and of all the guildies on, he hadn’t completed Old Hillsbrad. After a little bickering (No, I wanna be the DPS) we settled on a group. We were Tatia (68 Holy Pally Healer(me)), Gongniu (70 Warrior Tank), Shoktul (70 Moonkin), Raoen (70 Hunter), and Krullwyn (70 Hunter). We blazed through there like mad. We had one unfortunate incidence where an AoE (not mine) broke two hunter traps.. but other than that, it was all good. Buildings burned, Thrall freed, Dragon slain.

We moved on to Black Morass. We switched it up a bit and the first group in was Tatia (68 Holy Pally Healer (me)), Gongniu (70 Warrior Tank), Shoktul (70 Moonkin), Knunn (70 Rogue (fiancee)), and Sibiy (70 Hunter). The run went really really smooth up until the end. Something happened.. we lost some DPS due to confusing instructions to the hunter WRT pet positioning and so when we got to portal 17 it took too long.. and portals 18 opened before 17 was dead so no time to drink. 18 was one of the shadow casters. Big giant 2k shadow balls. No mana = no heals. We wiped. It was just sick dying on the last portal.

We started again.. but almost everyone of the first 5 portals was a caster.. lots of heals thrown about and lots of 2k damage on people out of range. Another wipe.

We regrouped and then switched up the group again. Knunn has already maxed out reputation with the Keepers of Time so he gave up his spot to Daegothh (70 Mage).

I also had an Ah-Hah moment. Pallies have Auras! And you can change them during the fight. I know, it’s common sense.. but no one ever talks about that so I’d forgotten. So for the next fight, when it was one of the shadow casters I used shadow resist aura. For the mage (fire/frost) caster I put up frost resist aura(since the frost bolts seemed more frequent) and Gongniu finally got down the timing to reflect the fire bolts. Killing the casters with her own fireballs was a thing of beauty.

The fights this time were nice. My mana was -huge-. Sibiy had given me a couple of pots ([Elixir of Draenic Wisdom] and [item]Adept’s Elixir[/item] which do stack).. and Daegothh had buffed me. My mana pool was greater than 9k!! There were a couple of fights where afterwards I felt bad using a whole 7500 mana drink when I was only down ~700 mana. We did it. Chrono-beacons were thrown at the appropriate times.. and the boss died (despite that nasty time-stopping OMG-I-Can’t-Heal moments).

The [Hourglass of the Unraveller] dropped twice and a good thing too. Since respeccing to Holy I’ve been looking at how Tatia will do damage in solo.. which looks like it’ll be through retribution which relies on crits.. so when this dropped I saw the crits and said I thought I needed it. I was told to roll need against Sibiy. I won.

A while afterwards Sibiy expressed his frustration that the hunter gear was won by the Holy pally. Oops. I didn’t mean to do that.. and if he’d said “woo hoo hunter loot” or “hey, that’s melee crit not spell crit. Why do you want it?” I wouldn’t have rolled.. but as it was all I could do is feel bad. Luckily it dropped again on the next run and Sibiy got it.

This caused Knunn to declare he hated us all. He’d run BM many many many times to get that trinket and here we’d gotten it twice on our first run.

The [Scarab of the Infinite Cycle] also dropped. The Blizzard gods favor my healing. Now if only they’d favor my leveling.. I can’t use it until I get to 70. Doh! 1.5 levels to go.

In all, after two days of working on Keepers of Time.. I’m already at Revered. If I were still Protection Pally I’d be able to buy all the fantastic Revered loot from them. But, at the moment I’m Holy. So I’ll hold off on those purchases (which reminds me.. I need to work on my “need for healing list”.. maybe I’ll steal Kaziel’s…).

My path to Revered-ness:
Finished Keeper of Time quests. 14,020 reputation
Ran Old Hillsbrad ~4 times (3 sucessful, 1 fail)
Ran Black Morass ~3 times (1 successful, 2 fail)

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3 comments to Revered – Keepers of Time (check)

  • From personal experience while the frost bolts may be more frequent, the fire spells are worse off. They are a mix of Pyroblast-y type spells (DD with a DoT component) and Blast Wave (Large AOE type spell).

    Also… my guide is really not a good one to go for, unless you plan on doing a hojillion Heroic runs. 5 heroic drops (six if you plan on completing the Purple Judgement non-set) and 133 Badges of Justice. >.>

  • Also, forgot… since you’re the healer find a Elixir of Healing Power. It’s the healer version of Adept’s Elixir, so it gives a stronger boost to your healing than the +damage version.

  • Elixir of Healing potion increase healing effect by +50 its Battle Elixir. I guess you can duo it with Elixir of Draenic Wisdom fwhen your healing. Both not too hard to make.

    Sounds like a fun time you had on the run.