This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Holy Ret Batman…

One of my biggest fears with being Holy is the oft-repeated wail from Healadins (which I am NOT. DON’T CALL ME THAT!) that they can’t solo.

The first build I did was a Holy/Prot spec(respec in haste regret in leisure). Honestly the last 20 points in Prot were just thrown there with very little thought.. and with only 20 points I couldn’t get down to any of the really juicy talents.. so it seemed a waste.

After noodling this for a while I decided to go Holy/Ret. I know Ret is the most reviled tree.. but supposedly it has some DPS potential (more coming in the future if you believe the news out of BlizzCon). I’ve ended up with this spec 42/0/17. I think I’ll actually end up at 44/0/17 and pick up Purifying Power since I’m finding that I do a lot of cleansing in instances.

I’m not thrilled with the DPS/solo synergy but it has potential. I also bought a big beefy two-handed hammer to swing off AH. [The Oathkeeper] was 32g. I’m hoping it was gold well spent.

I headed off to the Terrokar forest to work on some quests. The critters were all level 63-64 so I expected them to be good for my tentative soloing attempts. I found that the hammer was often hitting for ~300. With Judgment of the Crusader up on the critter Seal of Righteousness was hitting for ~300. Judgement of Righteousness was hitting for ~600 and I often saw crits greater than 1k.

It’s not single-shotting by any stretch of the imagination.. but it isn’t me going squish.

I only got to solo for about 20 minutes.. when I got asked by a guildie if I could heal Sethekk Halls for a part pug group. I agreed and was summoned there. My first Sethekk halls run.

We were Tatia (WK 68 Holy Pally Healer), Meathands (70 Warrior tank), Slutatron (68 Shaman), Stiletta (WK 70 Rogue), and Daegothh (WK 70 Mage). The first pull was messy and all over the place. Everyone was getting smacked. Aggro run amok. I started to have a bad feeling.

We moved down the hall and it didn’t get a whole lot better. At one point the tank ran forward to mark up the next group of mobs.. and I had to remind him to come back here and hit this blasted sheep from the last pull. /facepalm

We barely made it into the first room when the tank said “Sorry guys got to go” and ran out of the instance. Ah yea, him’s special.

I happened to be in vent with a couple of other guildies (two of our tank-like folks) and asked if any of them would be available to tank for us. Baldwyne (70 Prot Pally) agreed to come and tank for us (yeah).

After that the run went relatively smooth. The shaman had a tiny health pool so it was hard to keep her healed. The last boss (Ikiss) killed us twice.. once because we’d never seen the encounter and were caught out in the open with the first arcane volley.. and once because I couldn’t get line-of-sight on the mage and rogue to heal them before they took more damage.

Eventually we were victorious. Yeah us.

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3 comments to Holy Ret Batman…

  • …Slutatron (68 Shaman)…

    I just stopped and stared at that name for a while, when I read it. How in the Nine Hells did that person make it to 68 with that name?

  • Nibuca

    Even better.. imagine you’re on Ventrillo with this person. How do you give them directions without blushing? How do you shorten the name?

    SRSLY! I called her “Tron” and refused to us any other name. She had no mike.. so didn’t complain.

  • >.> Maybe I’m just pessimistic, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say… “Not a girl.” *cough*