This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

69 Baby!

Yes! I finally dinged 69 last night on our second run through Underbog. It wasn’t my original intention to make my last ~3-4 levels in instances.. it’s just working out that way.

Early in the night fiancee asked the guild if they had any plans for the night. I piped up and said that I needed to run Steamvaults**.. but I wasn’t sure if I was high enough level.. and I needed to do Underbog to clear two quests out of my log. A couple other people said they needed Steamvaults.. but were willing to help with Underbog first.

Gongniu’s player was on his Warlock alt running Zul’Farak. We begged him to abandon his group to come tank for us. Fiancee even offered to be the sacraficial 70 to go help the lowbie group in Zul’Farak. Gongniu eventually gave in but reminded us all the we owed him a run through ZF.

With Gongnui as tank blazed right through Underbog. Towards the end of that run Krullwyn logged in and said he needed to complete Underbog and Sibiy said he had an alt that needed to go through there as well. So we ran it again. Again, we blazed right through.

Then Gongniu reminded us that we’d promised to run his alt through Zul’Farak. So we all relocated to Tanaris and did the run. Did you know that if you kill the first wave of trolls before they run up the stairs that the Alliance NPCs don’t start their part of the event? We had to wait for a second wave.. and then let one get all the way to the top in order to jumpstart the event ;)

By this time it was a little too late to start on Steamvaults. So I’m hopeful we’ll do that tonight.

**Ok.. so I speced Holy to heal. That makes sense. I still refuse to wear cloth/leather/mail. I’m a Pally I wear plate. That all. Unfortunately, at some point I -accidentally- put on a mail head piece. I think I saw the stats and missed the fact that it had 200 less armor.. and was made of mail. Anyway, I -need- to replace it.. if only for my self-respect. I’ve decided [Mask of Penance] would be a good new head piece. It drops from a boss in Steamvaults.

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