This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Banish Ah-hah moment

Played Entropy for a while. She just hit 28 and got Banish so after playing with macros for a while I decided to go work on a quest. Luckily the first quest in her log involved a lot of Demons. Yeah! More practice with banish.

Destroy the Legion kill X of Y type quest where Y are three different demon types ~lvl 28-30. A lot of Thottbot comments said it was hard to solo. Bah! I, all powerful warlock that I am, laugh in your general direction.

Ok -I- learned something in doing this. It doesn’t meant that every Warlock over the level of 28 doesn’t already know it.. but it was new to me.

Some of the demons are immune to fire and resist shadow. This meant that a lot of my damage wasn’t getting through.. and the voidwalker’s torment wasn’t impressing them at all. Even with the resistance, I was doing more damage and invariable drew aggro. After the second time this happened I decided to use Banish.

Strategy: Send Voidwalker, Curse of Agony, Immolation (on the ones not fire immune), Corruption, Life Tap, Life Tap, Drain Life until it looked like I was about to grab aggro. Banish. Make sure voidwalker is still hitting the banished mob. He’s not damaging the banished mob.. but he’s still generating threat. In fact generating enough threat that I could get through the rest of the fight without drawing aggro.

Add’l Strategy: if Voidwalker’s health gets low, Banish and then do a Health Funnel.

I’m amazed that Banish doesn’t generate aggro. Well, I guess it generates some.. but more like 2.5 points of threat.. not like the threat from sheep.

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