This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

First time in Steamvaults

After a while (read started at 10:00PM) West Kingdom decided to get a group together. After more waffling they finally agreed to goto Steamvaults (read finally at ~10:30)(we were going to do … somewhere with an A..Arcatraz? but it required a flying mount so Tatia couldn’t be their healer so they changed to Steamvaults).

We had a couple of AFKs and false starts (“Cool, I didn’t know there was a skull on the instance line”, “There isn’t you doof, turn it off of heroic”) we finally headed in. We were Tatia (69 Holy Pally), Gongniu (70 Warrior Tank), Stiletta (70 Rogue), Daegothh (70 Mage), and Sibiy (70 Hunter).

It started out rough.. the Rogue accidentally drew aggro from the first Boglord by the door and death ensued. A little later Gongniu engaged another Boglord before I was ready and death ensued. Eventually we got it all worked out.

I found that based on my current equipment, Steamvaults is hard enough that I just gave up on contributing to DPS. I was there to heal, cleanse and nothing else (I am coming to resent the fact that I can’t use a wand ..). The boglords hit so hard I barely had time to keep the tank healed let along keep anyone else up. I think the only thing I hit all night was the water tanks at the end boss.

The head piece I wanted didn’t drop.. so this isn’t my last time in Steamvaults. Besides.. I only made 1/3 of a level.. and I’m 800 points away from Revered with Cenarian Expedition.

Afterwards I headed off to Ironforge. Level 70 looms and I’ve been very lax in gathering funds.. so there NO way I’ll be buying a flying mount immediately. Heck, at this point I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford my training :) . I’m starting to remedy that though.

I spent a while twiddling the Auction House and made an immediate 10g profit (You’ve got to love it when people list items with a buyout that’s less then the vendor price). There wasn’t much else though.. so I think I’ll have to start doing some outside of instance stuff if I ever want to fly. That or get 70 and then finish all these quests. In Outlands I’ve only finished HFP, ZM, and Nagrand. Everything else is there for the money.

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