This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Twiddling my UI (nothing to see here, move along)

I am exceptionally bummed that either:
a) Macaroni Grill has changed their desert recipe and is now using inferior ganoche
b) The SOB at Macaroni Grill drowned my chocolate cake in Hershey’s syrup (like I could mistake that insipid drool for Ganoche! PFFT!) and tried to pass it off as the real thing.

So anyway ;) logged on later than normal. I’ve been feeling the urge to mess with my UI lately. I followed a “Rate my UI” thread on the Wow Forums and so many of them were ugly, the same.. or just horribly cluttered. It made me want to mess with mine (getting to 70 and having that experience bar disappear just made the urge even worse). So last night I twiddled that for a while (no real questing.. just UI messing).

I’ve run into two problems with my UI.. but I’ve only found one solution.

I’m an AddOn junkie and I’m trying to cut down. That said.. if the addon is right for the job, I want it, must have it, can’t live without it.

Problem 1
Before the 2.0 patch I used MoveAnything! to hide party frames. I was getting plenty of information from Grid and the party frames were just junk filling up my screen. With 2.0, MoveAnything broke and doesn’t seem like it’ll ever be fixed.

Solution 1
After hunting for a while (and resisting the temptation to install yet another addon) I found a macro that can be used to hide the party.

/run for i=1,4 do local f=getglobal("PartyMemberFrame"..i);f:UnregisterAllEvents();f:Hide() end

Be sure to remove any spaces.. this is one long line.

It’s a thing of beauty. I’ll need to run this every time I get into a party.. but it’s an ok solution for now.

Problem 2
Although I love the functionality of PallyPower.. I hate the fact that it takes up so much screen real estate. I wish to incorporate the functionality into Grid.

Solution 2
No solution at this time. I’m noodling the idea of writing my own Grid plug in.. but I’d need to figure out .lua programming and Grid plugins especially. It’s on my to-do list (I’m a freaking software engineer.. I should be able to do things like this).

PallyPower currently does the following:
I (if I’m the only Paladin in the group) or the Paladin group leader (in a party/raid) can assign which blessings each paladin should give to each class.
On -my- screen, if anyone in a class doesn’t have the buff I’m assigned to give them, then their name block in the PallyPower UI module shows up in red.
Right click on name block to give them 5 minute blessing.. left click on one of the class to give the whole class the greater blessing.

What I’d like Grid+PallyPower to do:
PallyPower is still used to assign the blessings.
Then the PallyPower UI module is hidden.
If anyone in the class doesn’t have the buff I’m assigned to give them, their unit block in Grid gets the indicator I’ve chosen (I’d probably go with Red outline to their block).
Alt+right click on the user in Grid to give them the 5 minute version of the blessing they’re assigned in Pally Power.
Alt+left click on the user in Grid to give their class the greater blessing.

It’d be a thing of beauty. *sigh*

Helper to solution: Cogswheel is going to be publishing a book “Programming World of Warcraft Addons” available in January. This is -so- going on my Christmas list. In the meantime PallyPower will just continue to clutter up my screen.

If I’m done tweaking the UI tonight I’ll post a picture and full update (with addon list) tomorrow.

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