This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Tankless task

Before 70 I rarely haunted the /lfg /lfm tool. It seems silly to repeatedly instance to gear up for level 52 when you’re only going to be there for 1-3 days. So while I was leveling I just took guildie groups as they came. No real urgency to instance otherwise.

Suddenly here I am, 70, and I’m haunting lfg. I made my To-Do list.. and I know where everything is.. it’s just an instance of running it enough to get itemX to drop. My To-Do list is open enough that I actually can go to any of a few instances. For most of the morning on Saturday I waited around in the LFG queue because there were no tanks.

Coriel over at Blessing Of Kings mentioned it. There seems to be a lack of tanks in lfg. Coriel said that it’s possibly because of the hybrid tanks respecing to heal for 10-25 man raids. The problem with this theory is that you can’t really tank 10-25 man instances until you have the gear from “regular” 5-mans and heroics and I’m not finding tanks for any “regular” 5-mans. So either they’ve all zoomed past me and are well into raids (doubtful.. because there’s plenty of DPS/healers in lfg) or they’re snatched up by guilds and stay away from LFG. OR there really is a shortage of tanks.

West Kingdom Guild has three players who have tank toons. All three are currently designated as “alts”. Two of the players would prefer to play their DPS toons.. and one is currently leveling a healer. Before I respec’d Holy, West Kindgom had no active healers (One healer hasn’t hit 70 yet, another only plays occationaly, and another had recently moved from Holy Pally to Prot Pally). West Kingdom stalled in progression a while ago when they lost their healer.

On a normal night we have 6-8 people who log in (on guild night we’ll usually get 8-11 people on). Any of the 5-mans requires at least one of the potential tanks players to play his alt. On the whole, we’re not geared for raids.

In the last week or so I think we’ve made good progression.. but I fear that we’re running toward tank burnout. Since our “main tank” is really someone’s alt (alt as in the alternate toon I play when I’m not playing my main) we’re seeing alot of instances with his alt.. even though he’d prefer to play his “real” main.

Eventually on Saturday morning a PUG asked me if I wouldn’t mind respecing to Protection. I told them thanks but no thanks. No way am I respecing for a PUG. For the guild may be a different story. We’ll see.

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1 comment to Tankless task

  • My guild has the opposite problem – we have far too many tanks, and almost no healers. We can muster enough healers to muddle through Kara with some advance notice – however when we try something bigger – like Gruuls – we’re dead in the water due to the healer shortage.

    I’m a terrible healer… but the situation has me pondering a healie alt.