This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Instancing fool

The cool thing about having a to-do list is you know what you need to-do. The bad thing is when you get lots of stuff marked off the list it means you need to make a new to-do list. I think I’m almost up to the part where I need to make a “List of Pre-Kara Paladin Healing Gear” and start running heroics.

Saturday was all about Steam Vaults and questing. I started the day needing 5 pieces of gear out of Steam Vaults.. I got all but two of them. (I even saw one of the others drop but I decided not to roll on it since it’s on my “tanking” set and I’m not currently tanking.. and the warrior tank in the group needed it). I PUGed it twice and then ran it with a guildie group. The pugs were good for rep and I got the [Cloak of Whispering Shells] for my healing set.

The Guildie group had better loot for me (I got [Mask of Penance] and [Scintillating Coral Band]) but the group was a little low on DPS.. so we wiped quite a few times on Warlord Kalithresh (he gets -really- big and red if you don’t DPS his tanks fast enough). Eventually we swapped out one DPSer for a different one and were finally able to get through.

After Steam Vaults Zynnia and I wandered off to complete some quests. I finished “When the Cows come home” for [item]Thadell’s Bracers[/item] in both my spell and healing set.

Sunday we attended a wedding (Congrats to Grimr(Sibiy’s player) & Raquel on their nuptials) and when we got home we blazed our way through Shadow Labs in a guildie group. It was a relatively clean run.

We were Tatia (70 Pally healer), Gongniu (70 Warrior Tank), Knunn (70 Rogue), Stiletta (70 Rogue) and Daegothh(70 Mage). Blackheart gave us a bit of trouble.. In this group the DPSers are MAD DPS so they throughly kicked each other’s butts when we turned on each other. I think we wiped on that 3-4 times.

We got Murmur on the first try.. sort of. We got him mostly down and then he did something where in quick succession, both rogues and then the tank died. I was at very low HP and out of mana.. and the mage was at about 25% health.. so I laid hands on the mage.. and I ran forward to melee Murmur. After two blows, Murmur DIED! I was just grasping the fact when something made a sound like “spriiing spriing” and I fell over dead. I guess there’s some “air pocket” thingy Murmur puts on you that eventually goes off for some damage.

Luckily Daegothh is an engineer and he was able to use jumper cables on me.

I ended up getting [Brooch of Heightened Potential] from Blackheart the Inciter for my +spell armor set and [item]Sha’tari Wrought Armguards[/item] from the Shadow Labs quest for my healing set (might be better than [item]Thadell’s Bracers[/item] once I socket them.. haven’t investigated that yet).

So for me it was a good weekend for gear and to get the first part of my Kara key. Wheee!

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