This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Don’t call me that…

I guess that technically under my current spec I’m a Healadin. Ugh.. Don’t call me that. For some reason it just trips my “ick” sensor.

I have an aversion to pretty much every one of the cutesy Paladin names, healadin, tankadin, retadin, shockadin, etc. Why are we the only class to get these types of names?

The only one I can almost stand is PAOEladin. *sigh* I miss AOE killing mobs.

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4 comments to Don’t call me that…

  • Actually we aren’t. The two keys for the giving of “cutesy” names are that they are multi-syllabic and have a good break in the syllables where the term to describe can be attached.

    Classes with single syllables such as Mage and Rogue are just out because there’s no easy splitting point. Arcage? Combatogue? Without a matching letter it becomes hard to combine spec with class name.

    Certain other classes even with multi-syllabic names don’t lend themselves to being split so well, such as Druids, Hunters Shamans, Priests and Warriors. Imagine Tankiors, Feriuds, or Marksters. Doesn’t quite have the same ring due to a lack of fluidity.

    On the other hand Paladins and Warlocks both have good splitting points. Pal-adin and War-lock are both able to easily slide from spec to class name into an easy combination. Affliclock, Demolock, and Destlock all come to mind as terms I’ve seen before, along with the ones you mentioned.

  • The portmanteau names date back at least to Diablo II, where they were applied to several classes. I feel like us paladins get that naming style partially because our spec makes a big difference in our party role, but mostly because our class name lends itself to it. (Go ahead, try to make that style of name work with another class.)

  • It is a legacy from the various paladin builds found in Diablo II… where you could find such cute names such as Hammerdin =)

  • samownall

    Healadin – retadin – nerf them all pls :) Even as a mage i struggle to outdamage a retadin in arena. Good blog btw – i have linked to it – would appreciate a link back. Thanks

    Samownall – World of warcraft