This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

The Elusive Mote of Life

I’m making good progress on getting my healing gear together. I need 5 more pieces.. but I’m still in good shape. Last night was all about getting the already acquired pieces enchanted.

When I turned 70, Fiancee lent me 1000g to buy my flying skill and mount. I want to pay him back.. and it is a priority. That said, I can’t just give all my money to him.. I wouldn’t be able to do any instances (no mana pots) and I wouldn’t have been able to buy the last piece of my healing set. So I setup Deposit Box to put 50% of my incoming gold into the deposit box. This is Fiancee’s gold. The other 50% is my day-to-day money. I think Fiancee is up to 300g. My day-to-day gold is at 20g.

Most of the enchants I want for my healing gear require Primal Life. I had one. I needed 10. Primal Life is on the auction house for 8g. 8 x 9 = more than I have to spend. So the obvious choice was to go farm for motes.

MobInfo-2 said the only place I’d ever picked up motes of life was from the bog lords and giants in Zangarmarsh. It said that Whithered Bog Giants dropped motes 30-40% of the time. So I wandered off to kill me some critters.

Guildies were questing on level ~64 toons in the area. One of them noticed that I was madly killing everything in the spawning glen.. and leaving the herb-able carcasses on the ground.. so he logged in his herbalist to pick the bodies. Money on the ground.

I think I farmed for about an hour. I ended up getting ~16 motes. The herbing guildie then gave me those that he’d gotten (with the promise that he would get to do the enchanting on another of his toons). He also logged on his jewelcrafter and put gems in all my sockets.

When all was said and done, Tatia is now at +1013 healing. Wheee! I still need to get my weapon and shield enchanted.. but it’s looking kinda spiff.

On further research it looks like there’s a tree thingy in skettis that has a better drop rate for the mote. I’ll be sure to locate that for the next batch of enchants.

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1 comment to The Elusive Mote of Life

  • Galoheart

    Nice to hear your moving along and aquiring your gear. I’m half a level from 70 and just cranking out this last level seem to be taking forever, I’m out of rest bonus. But all the questing and all the crap trash look i’ve picked up i’m over 1200g already so that fixed my problem when i transfered server and left all my gold on my priest. Picking up Trask loot pays, but then again i’m on Auto loot so i pick up everything and turn it into vendor for sometime 4g a whole stack of trash. Woot!

    Motes of Life is not that ellusive though. I’ve very obervant usualy when i’m killing mobs to know what drops what and i have the same addon also mob info and so i can easily brose over stuff in my bank to remind me where i got stuff from. The Bog Lords in Western Zangarmarsh drops lots of motes of life, i remember than because i grinded that area to dust since i’m a Herbalist and on every kill i skinned the bog lords for even more motes of life and other herbs. So i got enough Motes of life there to make over 20+ Primal Lifes. You also pick up Motes of Life if your a herbalist when you pick up Felweed Herbs. I’m always and constantly picking flowers so whenever i see Felweed i pick them and often i get Motes of Life with it as well as Fel Lotus a few times.

    You can get Motes of Air from killing either the Storm or Air Elementals in Nagrand. Motes of Water from the lake next to the horde camp in Nagrand, lots of water elementals there and by the Lake next to the Spring camp with the peir in Nagrand also. Aavoid the elementals in the water around Halaa, very nasty defuffs.

    Motes of Earth you can find from the Enraged or Rock elementals in Southern Nagrand or on the Shelf edge in Nagrand. Motes of Shadow i think it is from the Void Valkers in Southern Nagrand and also the ones in HellFire Peninsular on the Far Eastern Edge. Off the tp of my head cant rember where i found Motes of Mana at but i got several.