This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

!? 158 DPS?? SRSLY?

Slow night.. logged on late. Guildies were running LBRS for enchanting mats. I joined them. The healing needs were very small so I slapped on my “spell” gear to add dps. The group was Gongniu (warrior), Tatia (Holy Pally), Raouen (Hunter), Lashala (58 Shadow Priest).

Happily I out dps’d the level 58 shadow priest.
Unhappily.. I watched SWStats.. and I topped out at 158 DPS. Seriously!

I mean I know I’m a pally.. and pally is a tank heal hybrid.. and I kick butt at healing… but seriously.. I have only slightly better DPS than the standard 2-handed weapon. The tank was doing ~300 DPS I think.

Granted, my Spell set is still kind of pitiful. I think I had at most +400 spell.. but still. Geez.

Paladin: Melee healer, Tank/Heal hybrid.
Sure, fine ok.. but being a melee healer makes little sense when I’m adding a pitiful amount to the DPS. I mean why am I bothering to hit the mob? I’m certainly not going to kill them anytime soon.. and even if I throw up Judgement of Wisdom/Light, the amounts returned are just pitiful. *grumble*

*sigh* Anyway, we did one full run of LBRS and then Gongniu asked me if I wanted to “stealth” back in to just the first boss (Gongniu’s trying to complete his key). I reminded him that Pally’s aren’t so good at stealth (and neither are warriors). He reminded me that we vastly out-level the place and could easily skirt round mobs to the first boss.

We did.. it was very quick and mostly painless. I got a shard for my troubles.

Afterwards we made up a group to do Shattered Halls. I was 440 rep away from Revered with Honor Hold. Halfway through the run I got Revered. We called the run shortly afterwards (it was 2 in the morning).

I was able to buy [Glyph of Renewal], [Ring of Convalescence] and the [Flamewrought Key]. Horray for almost being able to run Heroics in HFP.

That said.. I’m broke. Must go back to questing and make some money. I have 4 gold for myself, 300g for fiancee and I still owe fiancee 700 more gold. Must quest. Luckily I still have half the quests in Terrorkar, all the quests in Netherstorm, Shadowmoon Valley and Blades Edge. There’s tons of money in them-thar hills.

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1 comment to !? 158 DPS?? SRSLY?

  • GSH

    Don’t underestimate JoLight and JoWisdom. They do return a large amount of health and mana. It just looks like a small amount, but it adds up very fast.

    But you are right, we don’t really add much in melee combat. And not enough to warrant losing our healing.