This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Tatia, Queen of the Ogres

Orges love me. Ogres say “she so tiny how she rule?”. Enlightened Ogres allow me to play “zimon says” and get zapped for the fun of it. Ogres fun!

Wk got together and did a fast quick run through the Ogri’la pre-quests. Now that I think of it.. considering how many of his son we’ve killed.. it’s no wonder Gruul want’s to kill us when we go into his lair.

Quest: “Grulloc Has Two Skulls (group)”: (BEM: 60, 47) Tank and spank. When he gets big and red, run away. Don’t run past the fire. He leashes and will reset at full health. Other than that, standard 5-man should be sufficient.

Quest: “Maggoc’s Treasure Chest (group)”: (BEM: 61, 56) Tank and spank. Just kill ‘em.

Quest: “Even Gronn Have Standards (group)”: (Above Shatt in a building.) Tank should run into the room, engage the mob, turn left and then back up all the way to the wall. This son does a knockback and “dusts”. The dust hits everyone in range for some damage. If the tank is back against the wall then they won’t get knocked out of heal range.

Healers should run into the room and turn right. Stand near the table. Healers can stand behind the son but far enough away that they won’t get hit by the dust.

Other than that, standard tank and spank. Ahh also, dusting can be interrupted.. kick, hammer of justice, etc.

Quest: “Grim(oire) Business (group)”: (BEM: 78, 30) 1 party member stands in each of the 5 fire rings. Be aware that one of the rings will be out of range for the healer. We actually had two healers in group for this fight and put them opposite each other. This allowed both to heal everyone else in the party and themselves.

Stand in fire rings, summon baddie. Tank beats on baddie. When baddie emotes, run back to rings of fire (which will then shoot baddie with fireballs) or just burn him down and heal through the damage.

Quest: “Into The Soulgrinder (group)”: (BEM: 59, 24) Use the grimoire to summon Skulldoc into the world. Fight off waves of ghost ogres. Use the book during the fight to fear off the ghosts. When Skulldoc enters the world, tank and spank.

Afterwards you talk to Mog’dorg and get all friendly with the Ogres.

WRT: Zimon Says
I found that opening a say box and typing the letters of the colors into it makes remembering all the colors much much easier /say rrbygrb Then I just delete the letters before the next series.

Looking forward to bombing runs.

Oh, also.. made 140g from questing. Much fun!

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2 comments to Tatia, Queen of the Ogres

  • Gamermommy

    Nice! I am have not been very good about doing my daily quests lately. I was writing the letters down on a piece of paper but I think your idea would work better. :)

  • Nibuca

    How can you tell the TBC players who do their Ogri’la quests? Look for the pad of paper next to their keyboard with “RBRYGG” and other letter combinations written all over it.