This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Contemplating respec for Moroes

I’m contemplating this spec: 44/7/10

Why respec:

Moroes is the next boss we’ll run into in Kara.
Every 30 seconds Moroes garrotes a random raid member. This is 1K damage every 3 seconds for 5 minutes for a total of 100k damage.

Garrote can be gotten rid of by the following:
* Dwarves Stoneform
* Paladins Divine Shield (self) and Blessing of Protection (others)
* Mages Ice Block
* Items which remove bleeding effects (Luffa no longer works)
* Dying and combat rez

Blessing of Protection is on a 5 minute cooldown. The Talent “Guardian’s Favor” can cut that down to 3 minutes.

So I want Guardian’s Favor.

What I’d be losing :
– Lose “Unyielding Faith” so no longer 10% resistant to fear/disorienting effects. When a group fear happens.. and everyone gets feared but me.. that means the bad guy aggros on me. Frankly I’d rather run around screaming like a little girl.
– Lose “Blessed Life” so no longer have a 10% chance to take half damage on a hit. I’ll miss it.. but frankly I hadn’t really seen it go off.. so I won’t miss it much.

What I’d be gaining:
– “Guardian’s Favor” 3 minute cooldown on Blessing of Protection
– “Improved Devotion Aura” 40% more armor on my Devotion Aura

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4 comments to Contemplating respec for Moroes

  • I’m not a Pally, so don’t consider this expert advice:

    I’m not sure that your respec plan is a good one. Moroes’ garrote is a pain, but it can be dealt with quite easily by slapping amplify Magic on the victim, and then keeping a HoT like Renew refreshed. Further, he’s not going to last long enough for you to get off more than two BOPs even with the improved cooldown – and I don’t think one extra bubble will be the difference between success and a wipe.

    On the other hand, having a big healer suddenly “running around screaming like a little girl” is probably a less-than-desirable thing. You’re a pally, so should be able to keep yourself upright while the fear effect wears off if/when the mob aggros on you.

  • Like Karthis, I am not a paladin, but your spec kind of confuses me. (Sorry if that was rude.) If you’re going to be a healer, be a healer. Your 10 points in Retribution lead me to believe that you don’t want to lose some of the solo damage you’ll do when grinding. It seems that you may be able to benefit your raid more by focusing on talents that will help keep you and your companions alive, such as Toughness, Blessed Life or maybe improved LoH for those “oh crap” moments. Plus, Blessing of Kings is just too great a spell to not have. (Granted, you may have other paladins in your group that can do this, I don’t know.) I guess I just don’t see the point of your 10 points in Retribution if you’re going to be healing.

  • Nibuca

    You’re exactly right. The loudest wail I hear on the Paladin forums from Holy paladins is that they can’t solo.

    I’ve got a -ton- of quest left to do and I can’t always count on having someone to help me.

    I have speced as best I can to heal at my best and to still have almost decent solo capabilities.

    It may be that when we get deeper into Raiding that I’ll have to respec “for the good of the guild”. I’m not totally there yet.

  • Valis

    I heartilly recommend these spec changes. Though maybe less for Moroes than just in general. The thing with Moroes is the 3 minute cooldown is still a long time. You’re probably going to get one more garrote off with of it. By the time 3 minute BoP is up for the third time ( ~ 30 sec, ~3:30, then at ~6:30) the fight probably ought to be over.

    I love the three minute cooldown on BoP, as do my guild’s mages — I use it pretty much any time a squishy pulls aggro if its up. I coordinate with my mages so if they’re gonna AoE down a pack of mobs they can just go wild under the bubble. Of course you’ve got to worry about the next person on the threat list but odds are they have more armor, mitigation and avoidance than the mages. If I’m lucky it’s the tank.

    Blessed life is not worth the talent points. Lose it. And a 10% chance to resist fear isn’t that hot — 10% is pretty low and the number of mobs with fear/disorient effects isn’t that high anyway. You’ve got your bubble to break it (and trinket in PVP) if you need to but as a healer at least half the time when you get feared it doesn’t matter, you’ll be back before you’re needed.

    I recently respeced away some of my more solo specific talents to go more raid buff friendly. Suprise, I’m not really that less effective. I didn’t have Imp Devotion or Imp BoW before and turns out those are both very handy for soloing. Of course, if you’re running Kara, you’re going to be getting more purple gear which helps a lot soloing too. :D