This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Casual Kara

So.. how does a casual guild move into Kara? Very very slowly!

Week 1: Get ass handed to guild by Attuman.
Week 2: Hand Attuman his ass.
Week 3: Hand Attuman his ass. Get ass handed to guild by Moroes.
Week 4: Skip Attuman and avoid Moroes because we have no priests and are down a healer.. and instead clear spider, dog and bat trash. Get completely worn down by trash respawns on the way to complete the book quest.
Week 5: Hand Attuman his ass. Complete book quest. Notice Maiden at the end of the hall. Say hi to Maiden. Get ass handed to guild by Maiden.

Yes. We’re in week 5 and we’ve finally gotten to Maiden. I wasn’t expecting us to get there (ie, didn’t know she was at the end of that hall…) so I hadn’t read up on her fight. We made one attempt at her last night.

Learnings: more people need to run a boss mod (bigwigs or deadly boss mod). Holy damage hurts. Holy Fire can be cleansed! Feeling pretty confident we’ll be able to get her soon. Rawr!

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4 comments to Casual Kara

  • Either way have fun in Kara is all i can say and enjoy been in the endgame. Some days you get your ass handed to you, but its good to know you can bounce back and hand it back equally. Just have fun at least your getting to see and do endgame content.

  • As far as difficulty level goes, I’d say you should try to kill Attuman and then Maiden. Moroes is a bit tricky until you get the hang of it (and have enough DPS to kill everyone quickly). Maiden shouldn’t be too hard since you are a pally, and you can put the Blessing of Sacrifice on the MT to be awoken through the repentance. Of course, you’d know all of this had you read up on the boss. lol.

    You’re progressing… that’s the big thing in my book. Keep up the good work.

  • That sounds pretty much like the progression that my guild took. We’re now up to:

    Week X: Get ass handed to guild by Prince, repeatedly.

    Before that it was Aran.

  • Another thing, to get out of Repentance for other non-Pally healers, is some good tank movement. When your raid is circled around Maiden, have one other Priest, Shaman or Druid stand a bit closer than normal and have your tank his back toward their direction. Repentance goes up, tank takes a few steps back immediately, dragging Maiden and her AE to wake up that specific healer. Tank then immediately moves Maiden back into the center and the healer recovers from their silence, resume as normal.