This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Steamvaults run called on account of soup

Twice this weekend Tatia was called on to DPS in a dungeon run. Yes, you read it right. Tatia the holy pally donned her +spell set and went to town with her big (not yet enchanted :( ) two-hander in a DPS role. I cranked out about a whopping 277 DPS.

I found that the hardest part was holding off on DPS long enough to not steal aggro from the tank. I suppose all DPSers find themselves in that position.. but I’m totally green at filling the DPS role.

Eventually I figured out that throwing on Judgment of the Crusader at the beginning of the fight actually allows me to hold off my dps long enough and then adds a bit of DPS near the end. Um.. yeah?

Our last run for the weekend (where I was DPSing) was abruptly called when the tank spilled soup on her keyboard. Who drinks soup at the computer? (Tank reports: tanks who are sick with a cold. To which I reply: Bah! Soups and computers don’t go together.)

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2 comments to Steamvaults run called on account of soup

  • Hahaha almost seems funny. Soup all over kepboard would not be fun at all.

  • Pheefee

    As the soup-spilling tank, I wish to speak out in my defense. I wasn’t -drinking- soup, but eating soup. I’ve had the drinkable soup and looked for it at the store, but the wider bowl-like heat-n-serve were on sale (and the drinkable ones weren’t). The childhood memories of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup are way better than the modern reality. I ate my soup while we were getting a description of the Maiden fight, right before our first attempt on her — but the soup wasn’t very good, and so, once the fight started, I didn’t go back and finish my soup. Thus, later on, I had about a third of a container of soup sitting on my desk… which I fumbled onto my keyboard shortly into our Steamvaults run.

    Fortunately, my keyboard is “spill resistant” or somesuch and seems to have survived pretty well. :p