This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Farmer Tatia

We only had 8 people on so instead of tagging Maiden again we broke up into one 5-man and “three other people who wandered off to find things to amuse themselves”. Tatia was in the “amuse myself” group. their blog.. and I’ve forgotten which one (grr) wrote about a relatively easy to farm place for motes of water. I used 2 Nagrand Berries and got 40 Motes of water and 11g worth of greys.. and 5 greens in one hour. I only need 2 more for the healing enchant.. now if only we could down Maiden and get her to drop my new healing mace, [Shard of the Virtuous].

I’m hopeful we can go back to Kara on Wednesday. Cross your fingers for me.

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  • Valis

    Thing with Maiden, make sure your pally has lightning reflexes on the clenses and/or load up decursive or set your clique up to instacleanse. And make sure everyone is in cleanse range. Tank her in the center of her platform and have everyone cuddle up to the base of the platform outside of the (visible) aoe. That Holy Fire debuff she throws out hits for 2-3k up front and over a thousand per second after that. You CANNOT heal through it, and you cannot delay on the cleanse or someone’s gonna die. CANCEL any heal you’re in the middle of dropping and clense. If you’re not using decursive, use a macro where the first line is /stopcasting and the second line is /cast cleanse. Use you fire aura to help mitigate the holy fire a little. Keep up BoS on a melee-type to wake you from naptime. You do all this and maiden is pretty much tank and spank free loot.

    You can also use a shammy grounding totem to cleanse one party of 5, but you need one in each party to keep everyone holy fire free and everyone’s gotta be in range on this too.